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November 9, 2022
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Hi! We’re Hilltop Studios. We are an Indie Studio focused on narrative-forward games and interesting/compelling technology. We operate virtually, with team members in Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

Hilltop is working on a Vertical Slice exploring the usage of an exciting unreleased/prototype controller for R&D. This slice will be a polished showcase of 20-30 minutes of gameplay, but won’t scale to a full game. If you’re comfortable working with early/conceptual stages of prototyping in development, but also love to ship polished, quality work – you’ll enjoy this project.

We’re looking for three people to join our Art Team as full-time contractors for 5 months (Dec 2022 - April 2022), with the possibility of extension on to other projects. This is a fully-remote position, and we are a fully-remote studio.


What we’re looking for (Requirements) 

  • You’ve worked on a minimum of 1 full commercial game before (regardless of size)
  • Experience creating 3D character and object animations for games and in-game cinematics 
  • Knowledge in character and prop rigging, and skinning
  • Knowledge and experience with art and animation workflow, pipelines, and tools
  • Comfort working with Art Pipeline/Art Direction mixing high-poly characters and low-poly environments (e.g., Astroneer)  
  • Deliver high-quality art assets and ensure their efficient integration into the game
  • Work closely with Lead Developer, Director, and Senior Artist to make something we’re all proud to show and players will love
  • +/- 4 hours difference from EST timezone (Based in Canada, Latin America, US, Greenland)


Bonus Skills & Qualities (nice to have, but not required)

  • Animate high-quality assets
  • Illustration experience, especially with character designs/ character turnarounds
  • Familliary with Unity and Unity’s Mecanim Animation System
  • Experience with URP Pipeline in Unity & Plastic SCM
  • Experience creating storyboards for short cinematics
  • Comfort working with teams remotely (we work on Slack)
  • Comfort presenting to Corporate teams/clients


Applying & Role Details

  • ✉️ Send us an email with a subject line that includes the words “Prototype Project - 3D Animator”  and a link to your online profile/portfolio that shows your background or things you’ve built/made.
  • 👋 Feel free to include a quick blurb with your email telling us a bit about yourself, but it’s not a requirement. 
  • This will be 5-month contract - you’ll be employed as a salaried Contractor and will be responsible for taking care of taxes and withholdings.
  • Note: a formal cover letter is not necessary. 


Interview Process: 

  • 15-minute screen call to say hi 👋
  • Quick NDA so we can share all the details of the work! It’s a requirement because we’re working on unreleased/prototype technology.
  • 1-Hour Interview with select team members
  • Offer + Reference Checks
Hilltop Studios

Hilltop Studios is an Indie Games Studio focused on narrative-forward games and interesting/compelling technology. We’ve grown to a team of 10+ and works in a thoughtful, balanced manner on games that we love. Our goal as a studio is to stay sustainable, happy, and making games for the long haul. We’re a fully virtual studio - with team members in Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. 

Our goal is to have a diverse, inclusive team. We’re looking for team members who add to our culture, rather than ‘fit into it’. We encourage applications from folks who are queer, trans, non-binary, people of colour, people with disabilities, parents, immigrants and identities traditionally underrepresented in the games industry.

Hilltop was founded in 2021. We focus on building our own portfolio of story-focused games and selectively work with a forward-thinking/entrepreneurial brands to build new products and experiences that players love. We’re proud of our robust team of talented, experienced and passionate people who are poised to make some seriously fun games and enjoy working in a sustainable, reasonable manner.

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