Lead Developer (3D Generalist)

Hilltop Studios
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May 20, 2022

🤫 Secret Game Prototyping Project 🤫 @ Hilltop Studios

Hi! We’re Hilltop Studios. We are an Indie Studio that’s working on a fun game prototyping project with a ‘global leader in footwear and apparel.’ We can’t say who it is publicly, but we promise you you know them as a brand. We will share the details with you before being interviewed. 

We’re looking for an experienced Developer to join us as a full-time contract of at least 12 months (starting in June 2023), with an option to extend beyond that time. This is a fully-remote position, and we are a fully-remote studio. 

You’ll be working with an Art Director, Creative Director and 3D Artist(s) to prototype, ship, test and iterate a polished vertical slice of a concept game. This is a game/build designed to test, learn and iterate on different mechanics. This build is meant to be functional and polished, but won’t scale to a full game. If you like prototyping with a certain amount of polish, you’ll enjoy this work. 

What we’re looking for (Requirements) 

  • You’ve shipped at least 1 full game before (regardless of size)
  • Experience building 3D games in Unity (C#) or Unreal (C++)
  • Comfortable building, polishing and testing prototypes and iterating
  • Comfort with building for player testing 
  • Enjoy communicating with a team to figure out solutions
  • Remote, overlapping work hours with EST/PST time zone (+/- 3 hours)

Bonus Skills & Qualities (nice to have, but not required)

  • Experience with Studio game prototyping 
  • Understanding/experience with how a HID or Controllers/Game Peripherals work on a technical level 
  • Experience building physics-based gameplay 
  • Comfort working with technical artists and/or knowledge of technical art skills
  • Interest in Game Design and Prototyping 
  • Focused on player experience 
  • Comfort presenting to Corporate teams/clients
  • Knowledge of creating samples and documentation up to building an SDK
  • Comfort working with teams on Slack

How to Apply & Process


  • ✉️ Send an email team@hilltop.so with a subject line that includes the words “ Dev Secret Project” and a link to your online profile/portfolio that shows your background or things you’ve built. 
  • 👋 Feel free to include a blurb with your email telling us a bit about yourself, but it’s not a requirement. 

Interview Process: 

  • 20-minute phone screen
  • 1-Hour Team Interview  
  • Offer + Reference Checks

About Our Work and Workplace 

We’re a growing team of 6 (soon 8!) that likes working in a thoughtful, balanced manner on games we love.  Our goal as a studio is to stay sustainable, happy, and making games for a long time. For the next 12 months, we’re focused on delivering on two projects. A 2D story-focused narrative game and this project. We’re purposefully selective about taking on additional work to be sustainable and happy as a studio. 

Our goal is to have a diverse, inclusive team. We’re looking for team members that add to our culture, rather than fit into it. We really encourage applications from folks who are queer, trans, non-binary, people of colour, people with disabilities, parents, immigrants and identities traditionally underrepresented in the games industry.

As a team, we pride ourselves on having a flexible, family-friendly work schedule. We’ve worked hard to plan ahead and prevent ‘crunch’ before it happens. 

Hilltop began in early 2020 and has grown to include the development of original IPs in the digital storytelling, gaming and multimedia spheres. Our experience in the startup and entertainment sectors gives our team a unique perspective on the game's landscape. We have gathered a team of robust, diverse talent who are poised to make some seriously fun games and enjoy working in a sustainable, reasonable manner.

Programming & Development
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