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Hilltop Studios
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January 12, 2022
Full Time

Hi! We’re a Canadian Indie studio, looking for a remote developer to join our team. We’re looking for a developer to join us full-time, but are open to a contract position. 

We’ve recently signed a publishing deal to build Lil’ Guardsman, a narrative puzzle game mechanically inspired by Papers, Please with a large helping of Lucasarts adventure games and neo-adventure classics like Night In The Woods - with a fantasy comedy Adventure Time sensibility. We encourage you to check out a version of the pitch deck we sent to publishers. If you want to play a vertical slice of the game, you can download it here

We are looking for candidates who have shipped at least one game previously.  

We are looking for experience in the following: 

  • Comfortable with 2.5D or 2D games.
  • Comfortable learning and expanding an early but well-made existing codebase, with the expectation that we’ll refactor most of the vertical slice. 
  • Communication: We don't expect you to have all the answers! We're looking for someone who will bring us along for the development journey so that we can meet our deadlines together.

Here’s our list of bonus skills and qualities:

  • Experience developing narrative or story-based games*.
  • Familiarity with (one of) Ink, Yarn, Twine for Unity.
  • Comfort with managing an asset pipeline. 
  • We’re primarily based in Toronto, on EST time; being +/- 2-3 hours from this timezone is a plus, but not a requirement.  

We’re a team of 3 people (plus contractors) that like working in a thoughtful, balanced manner. One of us has kids and the team prides itself on having a flexible family-friendly work schedule. 

  • Available to start in February/March 2022

How to Apply

Apply by sending us an email that includes your CV or a link to your portfolio, Github profile, etc at contact@hilltop.so. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 

*We know this could be a big category, but primarily what we’re looking for is someone who’s worked with branching/non-linear narratives. Otherwise, for us (personally) inspirations include games like: Night in the Woods, Banner Saga, Yes Your Grace, Oxenfree, Papers, Please.

About Us

Hilltop began with a series of 'what if' conversations in early 2020, and has grown to include the development of a number of original IPs in the digital storytelling, gaming and multimedia spheres. Our experience in the startup and entertainment sectors gives this team a unique perspective on the North American digital landscape. We have gathered a team of robust, diverse talent who are poised to make some seriously fun games and can help emerging and established brands assume their positions on the digital playground.

About Lil' Guardsman

Lil' Guardsman is a narrative puzzle game, inspired by the classic point-and-click genre and the mechanics of Papers, Please. Set in a high-fantasy world with the comedic sensibility of Monkey Island and other 90s Lucasarts adventure classics, Lil regularly finds herself covering for her dad, the head castle guardsman. She interrogates a cavalcade of fun and weird characters trying to gain entry to The Sprawl.

You decide their fate... and the fate of the entire kingdom.

Programming & Development
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