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Hooded Horse
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June 29, 2022
Full Time

We're Hooded Horse, a fast-growing publisher of quality strategy games. We need a capable, smart, and personable Production Director to come help manage our portfolio of exciting titles like Old World, Falling Frontier, Manor Lords, Terra Invicta, Against the Storm, and more!


As the Production Director, you will be the internal subject matter expert on smart, sustainable games production processes. You and your department will be the developers' primary point of contact with Hooded Horse, and ultimately responsible for delivering a great game on time and on budget — and for maintaining a positive, healthy relationship with our devs, too.

As a member of Hooded Horse's leadership team, you will help shape the strategic direction of the company and share your insights and expertise with other executives.

You'll regularly consult with our developers to update their roadmaps — and help them make smart decisions and take tough calls about their projects. You'll keep the Hooded Horse team up-to-date on the latest developments with your projects and make sure that marketing and production stay in alignment.


  • Run & shape a happy and effective production department. You're an experienced manager who enjoys leading talented producers. You're ultimately accountable for the entire production department at Hooded Horse; you'll even hire our first line producer and shape the department as you see fit. You're a partner to the CEO, CFO, and President, making sure they can make informed decisions.
  • On time, on budget. You're in charge of helping our developers get their games to the finish line and beyond. You are the devs' ambassador to Hooded Horse, but also the face of Hooded Horse to the devs. Nobody knows the games better than you do, except for the devs maybe.
  • Breaker of information silos. You make sure that the devs are always in the loop about marketing plans and deliverables (like trailer builds and show demos); likewise, you keep the Hooded Horse team current on what's happening with your games.


  • You love strategy games. You have a favorite Civilization game and a really strong opinion about it. You obsess about city-builders or tactics games. This one's non-negotiable! Strategy nerds only, please.
  • You’re resourceful and independent. Nobody needs to tell you what the next task is, you're already on it. You're a self-starter who understands that, in a small organization like ours, you'll have to lead from the front.
  • You're empathetic and professional. Publishing production is a job that requires self-awareness, diplomacy, and forthrightness. You're a team player and highly organized.
  • You are constructive and solutions-oriented. You're not afraid to bring bad news, but you've always got a plan for how to make things work.
  • You've got significant games production experience. Ideally publishing production, but any game production experience will do if you're adaptable. You know your way around a production roadmap and are happy helping a less experienced developer create one from scratch.
  • You can work on UK/US time. Our team operates flexibly across these timezones, as do most of our devs. Our developers are in Australia, Japan, and elsewhere, so flexibility is a must.


Send us an email with your CV and cover letter. an email with CV and cover letter.

Hooded Horse

Hooded Horse is a Dallas, Texas based publisher of strategy, simulation, and role-playing games, including Old World, developed by Mohawk Games; Terra Invicta, developed by Pavonis Interactive; Falling Frontier, developed by Stutter Fox Studios; Alliance of the Sacred Suns, developed by KatHawk Studios; and The Way of Wrath, developed by Animmal.

  • We're a fast-growing publisher with a relatively small team right now: you can help us shape the company culture!
  • We're based in Dallas, Texas USA but have a remote team spread across Europe and the US. We have no office, the entire Hooded Horse team works remotely and coordinates online.
  • Remote work and flexible hours: We’ll ask you to be available when needed, but also respect you as a professional to decide when to work to get the job done.
  • We’ve got an amazing set of upcoming titles for you to work on–including 3 games in the top 50 most wishlisted upcoming games on Steam. Our indie developers are passionate about their work, and so are we!
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