Level & Mission Designer

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November 29, 2021
$40,000 – $60,000 CAD

We are currently hiring a hybrid Level / Mission Designer to join us on our current title, Été.

About Été

Été is a relaxing exploration game where you play as a painter who visits Montreal for a summer. In Été, you discover open city scenes one brushstroke at a time, growing your creative potential as you capture everyday wonders on canvas. Été is a game that celebrates Montreal vibes and Quebec culture with a French-spoken storyline about discovering yourself as an artist with the help of your community.


  • Design and implement quests based on our unique painting mechanics
  • Implement gameplay in existing levels in close collaboration with the environment artists
  • Balance and iterate on player progression, gating and rewards
  • Assist with the overall integration between story and gameplay elements
  • Maintain databases and documentation related to design (quests, levels, mechanics, etc.)
  • Organize and run playtest sessions (with the help of the producer)
  • Communicate requirements, progress and blockers with the director, writer and producer


  • ⚠️ MANDATORY Canadian citizenship or permanent residency⚠️ (No exception can be made. This is due to public funding constraints.)
  • At least 1 year professional experience in the games industry, 2 years preferred
  • Located in Eastern, Central or Atlantic time zone, preferably in Montreal
  • Able to understand and speak English, preferably also French
  • Mastery of the Unity editor and fundamentals (no programming required)
  • Solid understanding of game design and level design fundamentals


  • You have a deep knowledge of and love for the city of Montreal
  • You enjoy innovative, experimental, and/or non-violent games
  • You enjoy designing experiences that are whimsical, blissful, accessible and elegant
  • You are an excellent communicator, able to work in a cross-disciplinary team
  • You are meticulous, you triple-check your work to ensure it has no obvious oversight


  • 12 months full-time, fixed-term contract of 37.5h / week
  • Yearly salary between $40,000 – $60,000 CAD, based on experience and skillset
  • 3 weeks paid vacations per year
  • Possibility of 4-day weeks without pay reduction
  • $2,000 yearly in discretionary health spending(including eye care, dental care, prescription drugs, massages, physiotherapy, etc.)
  • Remote / work-from-home with a possibility of returning to physical spaces as the sanitary restrictions subside (to be discussed with the team)
  • Standard or ergonomic computer hardware provided as needed(including PC, mouse, keyboard, controller, microphone, webcam, etc.)


💌 Please send your resume and portfolio to: contact@impossible.dev

📅 Deadline: December 31st, 2021

We strongly encourage women, LGBTQ, PoC, and other marginalized or members of under-represented communities in the industry to apply to this position.

About Impossible

Impossible is a young Montreal-based studio with a small, diverse, tightly-knit team of 5 people (we're Lazlo, Jazz, Jerika, Nathan and Camille: hi!). We value showing conviction in our craft, working smart over working hard, and being kind to ourselves and to each other.

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Game & Level Design
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