Senior Level Designer

Italic Pig
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May 18, 2022
Full Time

We're looking to find the right people to join our team to work on a suite of games including wholesome dinosaur farming sim Paleo Pines, irreverent RPG adventure Quest Quest: The Quest for Quests, metaphysical VR elevator simulator The Infinite Hotel as well as all the weird things we still have in our heads that haven’t made it out yet.

You belong with us if you’re smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, and have an enthusiasm for telling unique and wacky stories through games and animation.

You’ll be working with a talented and hilarious team with a great track record made up of industry veterans, experienced devs and great new talent. Within our team, everyone has an opportunity to make their own mark on the journey to making high-quality games and entertainment.

About the Role

Italic Pig are looking for a Senior Level Designer to work within a lovely little team of level designers, creating colourful imaginative worlds and experiences. If you have a vibrant imagination, love being a complementary element to the team, and enjoy wholesome games, then this is the job for you!

Role Responsibilities

  • Create immersive gameplay scenarios that support and enhance the core mechanics and creative vision of the game.
  • Ensure a memorable game with close collaboration with Level Art, Narrative and other disciplines.
  • Collaborate with our Game Director to define and tweak game mechanics.
  • As the project progresses, integrate the content produced by other disciplines for your designs into the game engine.
  • Conduct gameplay evaluations with the team providing feedback and suggestions to help fine tune and improve the game.

Skills and Required Experience

  • Able to work at a senior level of responsibility and autonomy.
  • Experience with Unity engine, design production tools and level editing pipelines.
  • Experience of open world level design.
  • Great attention to detail and a positive problem-solver.
  • Empathy for the player experience.
  • Enjoy collaborating and sharing ideas and information.
  • Able to give feedback and mentor juniors

What Do We Offer?

  • 4-day work week. (Yes, really. We work smart on Monday through Thursday so we can enjoy Fridays off.)
  • Flexible working hours, with strong emphasis on work/life balance.
  • Competitive industry salary.
  • We invest in making our team happy with a Full Perkbox Package.
  • We technically have an office in Holywood (just outside of Belfast) which boasts a cheerful break area with fruit, a classic arcade machine, a piano and a unicycle. We’d love to start using it again but times are strange.

This is a full-time remote role within the United Kingdom. Contract options are available for exceptional candidates outside of the UK.

How to Apply

Please submit this form, then send your CV and Portfolio to with the email subject being the role you are applying for. You should expect to hear back from us within 3 days of the June 3rd, 2022 closing date.

Who We Are

We tell stories. We get a thrill out of epic plotlines, well-rounded characters, mashed-up mechanics and snappy dialogue. We enjoy pushing boundaries with genres, experimenting with narrative gameplay, innovating with new technology and upending applecarts of expectations.

We’re an entertainment company. For the past eight years we’ve been focused mostly on creating and developing award-winning, narrative-driven video games across all platforms, and, with some of the most talented artists, animators and developers in the country, we’ve recently begun dipping our toes into the waters of animation and series development.

We’re a cheerful collection of decent human beings. We’re doing our best to break the negative cycles that the entertainment industries are so famous for. We work a 4-day week to keep the creative energy tanks topped up. We do our best to employ an inclusive, diverse team with a well-balanced spread of voices, backstories and experience. Nobody’s perfect, but we really are trying to make this industry a better place to work.

Our Current Projects

Escape to a peaceful island populated with cheerful townsfolk and dozens of friendly dinosaurs in Paleo Pines. Run your own dinosaur ranch, befriend and care for your new dinosaur friends, and saddle up those trusted steeds for big sky adventures into the wild and whimsical countryside!

How do you create a grand-scale adventure in a room-scale space? The answer: Go vertical. You are the elevator operator of The Infinite Hotel - an infinite-star resort with an infinite number of rooms, an infinite number of floors and an infinite number of problems. Don’t ask what happened to the last guy who had your job - you’ll find out soon enough.

Quest Quest: The Quest for Quests is a farcical and poignant fantasy adventure about an old-time hack-&-slash hero in an enlightened new world, where the only quest left is to discover his own purpose. Part narrative adventure, part rogue-like dungeon basher, Quest Quest is an over the top deconstruction of the RPG genre as you’ve never seen it before.

Game & Level Design
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