Audio Extraction Engineer

Kinemotik Studios
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April 7, 2022

We are seeking a software engineer with unique experience / interest to develop a specific set of tools for audio information extraction.


Develop a set of software tools capable of running on multiple platforms (Windows, Android, etc) with the following features:

  • High-accuracy tempo/beat detection (including audio with shifting/dynamic tempo)
  • Detect repeating melodies within a song
  • Characterization of sections of music according to relative loudness and freneticism


Negotiable, based on experience and preferred hourly rate.


This is a single project that will be complete upon delivery of the final set of developed tools.

About Us

At Kinemotik Studios, we create virtual reality, games, and any other experiences we possibly, to completely immerse the player in the worlds we create.

  • Movement. Movement is not just physical. Each experience we create will hopefully shift your perspective in some way.
  • Emotion. Humans are emotional creatures. Some emotions are pleasant, others challenging, and others… in between.
    Let’s explore all of them.
  • Technology. We’re on the cutting edge of technology using immersive experiences such as VR and more. We believe that technological advances have the ability to enhance our abilities in ways that counter-intuitively allow our humanity to blossom more than ever before.

Our Recent Release - Audio Trip

Catch gems, ride ribbons, dodge barriers, and smash drums as you move your body through surreal environments created by a professional choreographer. Learn dance moves, create your own, and share with other players. Featuring music by Lady Gaga, Skrillex, Zedd, deadmau5 and more, Audio Trip is the perfect way to get your heart pumping, find your flow, and dance like no one is watching.

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