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October 23, 2020
Full Time
$50-70k CAD

Kitfox Games is an independent Montreal-based game studio with a soft spot for exploring and discovering intriguing new worlds. Our values are to be committed to quality, creatively courageous, professionally respectful, and always learning. Your audience and collaborators will include the upcoming Dwarf Fortress, Boyfriend Dungeon, Mondo Museum, Pupperazzi, and our previously released games. If you want to learn more, visit!

We've been lucky to grow a loyal band of community members for the past 7 years. While they are mainly Western-based, our games have found success across the world, and we hope it continues to grow. As a self-publishing indie studio, community is our lifeblood, and we hope to onboard someone who values them as much as we do.

In particular, you'll be responsible day-to-day for:

  • Social media management (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc)
  • Discord, Steam forum conversations, and mods/volunteers
  • Kickstarter backer updates, Steam updates/announcements, and monthly e-mail newsletters
  • Basic content creation (images, GIFs, TikToks)


  • legally work full-time in Canada (i.e. you must have a pre-existing Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or compatible work visa)
  • work effectively remotely for the time being
  • relocate to Montreal, if/when the Kitfox office reopens
  • work effectively during core hours Eastern Time, Monday-Friday
  • familiarity of and enjoys viral trends and internet culture
  • ability to navigate the needs of diverse game communities
  • empathetic, values communities, and ensures individuals are accountable for their actions
  • outstanding communication skills (English)

We especially encourage marginalized groups and people from underrepresented backgrounds and genders to apply. If you don’t have professional experience, but you’ve been managing communities or have done interesting work, absolutely include these things in your application!

Compensation and benefits:

  • Wage range: $50-70k CAD annually, depending on years of experience. Our payscale is equitable regardless of role across the studio, depending solely on seniority. We hope to raise the high end in the years to come, as we release more financially successful games.
  • Group health insurance, including (small amounts of) vision, dental, and therapy coverage
  • Minimum of 4 weeks of vacation per year and plenty of sick days
  • Healthy work/life balance: overtime is heavily discouraged and rarely used at Kitfox

If this sounds like your kind of opportunity, please send your CV to by midnight November 1st!

Our Games

The deepest, most intricate simulation of a world that's ever been created. The legendary Dwarf Fortress is now on Steam. Build a fortress and try to help your dwarves survive, OR adventure within a massive generated world.

Plunder the dunj as you fend off dangerous monsters and take your weapons on romantic dates in Boyfriend Dungeon. Serving up a dose of summer-time fling nostalgia, take your dates out as you uncover their stories and level them up. Embark on blossoming relationships with your weapon cuties as you capture their hearts in friendship and in love. In this light-hearted, fantastical shack-and-slash filled with adventure, improve your skills and fend off the monsters together because the couple that slays together, stays together.

Is your imagination able to design and curate a world-class museum? Play Mondo Museum to build the BEST artifact collection of cultural importance... strictly speaking, anyway. We’re not going to stop you if you decide dinosaurs don’t deserve space in your museum (you monster).

Snap photos of dogs while maintaining your social media presence in Pupperazzi. Will you hound celebrities in public, or would you rather be taken seriously as an artist? Perhaps you just want to show your friends the cute dog you saw while you were out.

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