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June 22, 2022

Kittehface Software specializes in multi-platform development, including all console and mobile platforms. This sometimes includes development assistance of all types while the project is still being created, and other times means coming in at the end and prepping a project to ship on additional platforms.

No two projects are the same. We've worked on a wide variety of indie titles and have dealt with many different engines, including custom ones.

We're looking for a generalist programmer with Unreal experience, who's capable of diving into an existing project, and who's comfortable making the necessary changes to get a game ready to ship. Experience with a multiplayer title is a plus, as is having previously shipped a project on a console or similar standards-heavy platform. This will be contract, and full-time for 2-3 months, and could turn long-term if things go well.

You'll be working with experienced people who can provide direction when needed. This role is available for remote work. Please include a CV with discussion of your experience.


  • Help bring existing titles to new platforms.
  • Analyze existing systems and determine how best to change them to meet platform requirements.
  • Able to explain problems when encountered.
  • Work with other developers as appropriate.
  • Test functionality as appropriate.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with the Unreal engine.
  • Experience shipping an online multiplayer game.
  • Experience with following platform requirements, if you've shipped a console title that's ideal.
  • Comfortable learning and working with an existing codebase.
  • Reasonably self-driven, we won't always be looking over your shoulder.
  • Comfortable asking questions when stuck.
  • Comfortable with version control.

Recent Games

A unique and beautiful roguelike with more adventure and less combat, Unexplored 2 tasks you with destroying the Staff of Yendor in persistent randomly generated world.  Play different characters within the same world and see things change over time!  Hear rumors of distant places, and go loot them!  Unlock secrets and get attacked by bat creatures!

We worked with Ludomotion to make Unexplored 2 available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and on Steam!  Look for a PlayStation version in a few weeks!

Archvale takes you on an exciting quest through a bullet-hell RPG world.  Do you wish Zelda was more like Enter the Gungeon?  Today is your day!

We worked with idoz & phops and Humble to bring Archvale to Xbox One and Windows Store!  Also available on Switch and Steam, Archvale is a great title with a ton of roguelike dungeon-crawling fun!

Programming & Development
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