2D Pixel Art Character Animator

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May 21, 2022
Part Time
$25 USD/hr

We're looking for a 2D Character Animator to create and animate human and non-human character sprites for the video game Yukyo Station.


  • Create and export separated layers when necessary as game-ready assets.
  • Be familiar with Aseprite or Photoshop (other software subject to approval upon request).
  • Communicate with designers and programmers on Discord and reference sketches to create final product.


  • $25 USD/hr.
  • Part-Time (15+ Hours/Week)
  • PayPal, Payoneer, or Wire Transfer

Our Games

I’m proud to soon be able to share with the world our team’s first video game, Grim. It is a 2D narrative adventure which puts control in the hands of the player as they explore the story we have weaved. It is being made for PC, Mac, and Ubuntu.

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Hordeville is a 2D MMO Zombie Survival Video Game for PC, Mac, and Ubuntu. Survival is tailored toward settlement-building and world progression. Each settlement will be scattered on a connecting grid, dangers and treasures waiting between them. Work together or fight alone, see how long you can last!

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Art & Animation
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