Lead Game Designer

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January 20, 2022
Full Time
Warsaw or CET +/-2

Hi There! We are  Kool2Play  and we make games that we're proud of! You may've heard about our top down shooter Uragun , but this time we are looking for experienced and talented Game Designer that will work on our unannounced social multiplayer coop game.

Our ideal candidate is passionate about games and their craft and has ambition to be a part of something big. We work in an open-minded, professional, independent, responsible and kind culture where we care about ourselves and our games, so self-motivation, strong drive, and excellent communication skills are a must.

We offer you a key position in our team so together we can make games everyone is talking about!

What's your mission?

  • Leading a small, but extremely skilled team working on a promising premium indie title.
  • Being the one to set the pace to dev team and processes, taking ownership and caring for both our games and the team morale.
  • Proactively defining and refining game's vision and inspire the team during its execution.
  • Ensuring design and player experience excellence. We want your games to be outstanding and super playful!
  • Design features and systems from concept and prototypes to completion.
  • Improve designs based on playtest feedback, game metrics, team input and community feedback.

What do we expect:

  • Working experience as game designer on at least 1 commercially shipped and successful game.
  • Being able to discuss with coders and artists as a partner that understands their language, problems and pipeline.
  • Tech savvy to ride coders like horses! Not being afraid to jump into some technical questions and being able to explain tech related design stuff within conversation or a quick mockup instead of making long descriptive docs.
  • Being able to use game engine and dedicated tools to quickly prototype or experiment with current designs.
  • Charisma, experience, skills and bold attitude to develop your own game systems and ideas that will inspire others.
  • Presenting complex ideas and systems in a simple and cohesive way.
  • Honest, engaged, direct and respectful attitude.
  • Curious mind that strives for improvements and excellence.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with coop / party / multiplayer games.
  • Leading dev team and / or game vision in any capacity.
  • Animation / scripting / blueprints savvy.
  • Cat lover. Or any other animal lover, but we're into cats big time!

What do we offer:

  • Fantastic projects to work on.
  • Experienced team that loves to share know-how.
  • Autonomy, ownership and real influence on our games and organization. We care about your professional development and want to see you grow.
  • True challenges to solve with necessary tools and support to succeed.
  • Flexible job hours and remote work.
  • 5 week paid yearly vacation.
  • Stock Option Program for full time employees.
  • We hang out online or in the office from time to time, so we can keep that team spirit going!
  • All other standard perks and benefits.
  • Cool office with beautiful green garden close to central part of Warsaw, Żoliborz.
  • Attractive salary and employment form tailored to your liking.

How to apply:

If you feel like you are The One, send your portfolio and resume to job@kool2play.com .

About Uragun

Uragun (the other game we proudly work on) is an action-packed, futuristic top-down shooter. Play as a deadly-but-adorable mech unit and improvise your way out of trouble.

Game & Level Design
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