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June 11, 2021
Part Time
$35k / year (Part-time) + equity

Koza Games is new game studio currently knee deep in our first title, "Circuits and Shields", an objective-based Action MOBA. Circuits has a full vertical slice with 1 game mode and 5 completed champions. It is 100% playable via Steam and we've got received great marks all-around on the gameplay from our community. While our initial focus is solely on Circuits, we do have loose plans for an actual studio and a second title in the VERY long term.

To date, Koza has operated 100% via freelancers (paid for by personal funding only), working with over 140+ individuals to bring Circuits to life.

What's the next step?

With the vertical slice completed, Koza is exploring funding options, namely VC's/Accelerators. Though the game itself is solid, our biggest risk in development is our lack of a "team" and my personal lack of experience in the industry. This risk was even highlighted by a large-scale publisher who played our game essentially saying that while the game is great, by far the biggest hurdle to get over is our lack of track record. Makes sense!

That said, we think this is a solvable problem. We're currently looking for individuals to commit now and sign on POST-funding (likely 3-4 month timeframe). We do not expect you to work for free right now, but our main goal is to say "here is our team and we're ready to rocketship". You would receive a competitive salary plus vesting equity in Koza Games. It's likely you would start part time and we do not expect you to quit your current role (at least at the start). This would be a 100% remote position.

For posterity, I've invested what is essentially an infinite numbers of hours/sweat equity in this already and nearly $200,000 to date. This is not a "spur of the moment, pls help me build games" proposal.

So what's my role?

We're looking for a lead Writer and World builder to continue to flesh out our world. We have a pretty expansive existing world that I've planned for and written a few character backstories. Your role is all world planning activities, continuing to flesh out those pieces, including additional champion backstories, episodic journal entries, etc. While we are a MOBA, we plan to lean heavily into our world, as well as establish an IP as a whole for future games.

Our existing world is sci-fi mythological. It follows 3 primary races (Humans, Machina, and Fabled) all journeying to a paradise-like world in search of salvation (which means different things to each). Of course, that world isn't quite what it seems and the godlike Avos are more than meets the eye. While it sounds like a pretty generic backdrop for "everyone is fighting in the Arena", there's a good deal of behind-the-scenes here where you'll have a LOT to work with. You can read more here.

We are looking specifically for someone with a history of world building, lore developing, and character stories (doesn't have to be you published a book, but something to show you've put things like this together before).

Wrapping It Up

This is obviously a massive leap of faith. An unknown studio with no history (at least we have an amazing vertical slice though!). My goal is to forge a long-term partnership with an individual that shores up my weaknesses in hopes of building something great. I truly believe that given the right "star power" locked up for our team, funding is a no brainer to complete Circuits and beyond. Our pitch deck is already complete and I'd love to just add your name to it. I think it'd go a long way to have "Professional World Builder" as a future member of our team to show that we're actively thinking about this piece, especially if that member has a history of creating awesome stuff.

We are ALWAYS looking for more people to play and provide feedback. No better way to make your case for a game designer position than to play the game and tell me everything you could do better! You can join our tests at circuitsandshields.com/alpha.

How to Apply

You can reach out directly at: cthomlison@gmail.com or cthomlison#2648 (Discord).

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About Circuits & Shields:

The next generation of MOBA, Circuits and Shields features dynamic gameplay, streamlined systems, and thrilling game modes to create a modernized gaming experience. Circuits ditches the age old “Farm 10 minutes, fight 10 seconds” of classic MOBAs and introduces action-packed, objective-based arenas where you’ll always have a chance to make your mark through mechanical outplays OR precise team strategy.

Our headlining game mode right now is Circuitball, which is a unique blend of Capture the Flag, Ultimate Frisbee, and traditional MOBA combat.

About Koza Games

Koza Games was formed on the idea that indie-developed didn't have to mean small in scope. We dream big, looking to blur the line between AAA production value and indie ingenuity. We make games for today's gamers, those who want streamlined experiences that are endlessly replayable and endlessly watchable.Our games our built around unique experiences, taking familiar genres and breathing new life into them.

Our first title, Circuits and Shields, takes the aging MOBA genre and turns it up to 100. Circuits ditches the age old “Farm 10 minutes, fight 10 seconds” of classic MOBAs and introduces action-packed, objective-based arenas where you’ll always have a chance to make your mark through mechanical outplays OR precise team strategy.

We're currently hiring a Studio Director, Producer, Game Designer, and Writer. You can view (and share) all of our job openings here.

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