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January 12, 2021
Part Time

Lazy River is a prototype phase First Person Shooter built in Unity. Project lead is Mike Boxleiter (@fucrate) and Art lead is Mackenzie Schubert (@macschubert). Our previous projects include Secret Hitler, Solipskier, Guildlings and various others.

lazy river concept art

Lazy River is a Roguelike-style first person shooter set in a post-catastrophe river valley where giant insects have emerged from the ground and are terrorizing the area. Players will progress down the river through multiple biomes on their custom steamship, managing fuel and power requirements of the ship while defending it from attacks from various over-sized insects and potentially other survivors. Players will also need to scout the shoreline for resources and upgrades to keep their ship running and gather powerful weapons and items to face the increasing challenges of the river. 

The game can be played solo or through online or split-screen multiplayer, and death is permanent. Playthroughs are somewhat randomized so players will never know exactly what is waiting around each river bend.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced animator and rigger who can take models created by Mackenzie, fully rig and animate in Blender, and then create game ready assets for Unity. We are looking mostly for insect/spider/grub and humanoid type behaviors. The workload will be light at the start as we are still in prototype/pre-production phase, but will likely ramp up in the coming months.We are currently a self-funded team of two, but we can pay very competitive rates for a candidate with good remote communication skills, strong self-motivation and who can bring a great sense of humor to their work.


  • Blender 2.8 animation/rigging
  • Implementation of animations in unity

Additional Skills

  • Discord

Additional Bonus Skills

  • Writing unity shaders

How to Apply

If you're interested, please email lazyRiverRecruit@gmail.com and include the job title that you're applying for in the subject line. Also include:

  • Resume
  • Work Examples / Animation Reel
  • Your earliest start date

Example Character
Example Character

Humanoid Insects
Humanoid Insects

Large Scale Enemies
Large Scale Enemies

Mechanical components of run down/makeshift steamwheeler
Mechanical components of run down/makeshift steamwheeler

Lazy River Concept Art
Lazy River Concept Art

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