2D Environment Artist

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June 17, 2022
United Kingdom

💖 Lovewish 💖 one of the sparkliest ✨ studios, is looking for a short term or freelance UK-based 2D Environment Artist who can make charming interior and exterior art that's a touch ghibli/anime, a touch sleek/modern and a touch of your own magic! ✨

Elevate the heart-throbbing potential of the PC/console game, Starstruck, which is a

🎥 Hollywood

💖 Otome

🎴 Card Battler

The Starstruck main menu screen

The Role

  • Create stylish and cosy interiors with beautiful lighting
  • Create magical exteriors mixing nature and city life
  • Collaborate with the team through Slack and regular Meet chats
  • Full time, part time, school hours, midnight - the choice is yours
  • Probably around 2-6 months of work, depending on your chosen hours and experience


  • You can come from anywhere with any level of experience and education
  • Portfolio art that captures environments in a beautiful painterly light

About Lovewish

Our studio was founded in 2021 by industry veteran Nina. 

Ever since she was a little kid, Nina has played games of all kinds - adventures, RPGs, strategy, and more. But rarely were those games themed around her interests or identity. And even now, while more AAA games have female protagonists, they are rarely set in a world or narrative that celebrates the fantastical imagination of girls and women.

On the flipside, there are many casual games, especially on mobile, that embrace the whimsy and colour of female imagination. This is a delight and has much value, but where are the games with rich gameplay, challenging mechanics, and deep thinking, as well as worlds and stories imagined by girls and women?

They are being created right here at Lovewish. We are a majority female studio, about half of us LGBTQ+ and we will not stop until the world is full of beautiful, colourful, whimsical, fantastical, magical, delightful games that tickle the brain, challenge, and deeply satisfy mastery.

Our studio is fully remote and fully embraces flexi time. You set how much you’re getting done, in how many hours, and when to do it, be it 9-5, while the kids are at school, or by candlelight on a full moon. ✨🌕✨

After all, not all of us are neurotypical or have lives that can fit in a conventional 9-5. However, if the conventional way is for you, this is absolutely also an option!

About Starstruck

Our current game, Starstruck, combines card combat with the glitz and glamour of the British film industry. Our protagonist has worked hard to make her dream come true - to become a talent agent at a prestigious firm in London. Through determination, skill, and a touch of magic, our protagonist helps 4 actors to achieve their destiny as one of the greats. And somewhere along the way, she may also open up their hearts.


  • Plan the best strategy for each week
  • Card battle your talent to success in auditions
  • Attend parties to network, mine for information, and collect side cards
  • Maximise your $$$ in shoots
  • Build your decks for beauty and maximum synergy
  • Choose how to upgrade your characters
  • Your narrative decisions matter - remain colleagues, or become friends, lovers, or partners
  • Female protagonist
  • LGBTQ+ friendly, including the A-spectrum

UI chapter start screen

Closing Date: End of 17th of July

If this sounds like your jam, please fill in the form to apply. 🙏💕

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