Gameplay Designer/Programmer (3C Focus)

Lunacy Studios
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September 22, 2022
40 USD / hour

We are an indie studio whose diverse team was brought together by a shared passion for personal storytelling, developing a narrative-driven 3D puzzle platformer tackling themes of grief and loss.

The role

Currently, we have a prototype character controller with most abilities implemented – ‘prototype’ is key here. While we continue to develop features and levels using this character, we need a developer with an eye for smooth, evocative character animation and controls to create a new, clean, release-ready version of this character controller, and to be a driving force in the ideation for new abilities of the character.

A note on the kind of person we’re looking for:

Before we list the position’s responsibilities and requirements, it’s important to make sure we share the same priorities and ideals. The most important thing for everyone in the team is that all other team members can have the best possible time working on this project. We’re not the kind of game studios you might be used to – we’re a diverse group of people with all sorts of backgrounds, and many of us don’t come from games. Additionally, this project places a lot of emphasis on handling emotional and cultural themes sensitively. We need someone who is not just okay with all this, but embraces the empathetic approach to game development that we champion.

We need you to:

  • Be in charge of implementing a new third-person character controller in Unreal Engine 5, using our existing prototype and concept art as references;
  • Have the final say on everything related to 3Cs, to create an experience that uniquely matches our game’s protagonist (and not a typical ‘buff guy’ action-adventure hero);
  • Collaborate closely with the artists to establish an efficient workflow – taking the 3D assets and animations they create and turning them into a playable character in the engine;
  • Participate in the ideation process for features in the entire game, and especially when it comes to character movement and abilities;
  • Create documentation, diagrams and/or videos when needed to show off your work, both for internal presentations and in materials destined for external partners;
  • Become an integral and proactive part of our tight-knit team, participating in syncs and discussions about all aspects of the game.

You need to:

  • Have some demonstrable experience working on 3Cs for a third-person game – student and amateur projects are fine, but we need someone who’s familiar with recent best-practices in this field and will require video or a build to show this;
  • Know the basics of using Git for version control;
  • Be comfortable with Notion, our project management tool, so that you can update your tasks and documentation;
  • More generally, be able to work autonomously and manage your own workload.


  • Beginning ASAP.
  • 40 USD / hour with timeline to be determined upon discussing scope. No longer than 3 months.
  • Remote. Most of the team is in California but you will most closely collaborating with team members based in Montreal and France. Some days may require an offset schedule while maintaining reasonable working hours.
Lunacy Studios

We are designers, artists, storytellers, filmmakers, and musicians at the top of our fields who came to Lunacy Studios as a labor of love. Our members have forgone big studio projects out of a passion for creating culturally meaningful and emotional experiences. While we are from various backgrounds, we are brought together by a shared Arab heritage or an appreciation for Arab culture.


Our Story

The team behind Lunacy Studios is comprised of like-minded individuals with a shared hunger for telling deeper, more meaningful stories.

Our founder, Faris Attieh, is Saudi-Palestinian with a professional background in engineering. Although he carried a lifelong passion for gaming, it wasn't until he had his own story to tell that the idea for Lunacy Studios was born. A studio dedicated to translating real emotions and human experiences into a world we create.

However, Faris was a far distance from the gaming industry. Many called him a lunatic for chasing this seemingly unattainable dream. But as the Arabic saying goes, "maybe the moon is more beautiful because it's far." And so, Faris assembled a dedicated team of highly experienced game developers, game industry experts, and multimedia creatives to build the meaningful vision for Lunacy Studios he had dreamed of once upon a time.


Our Mission

At Lunacy Studios, we have a unified belief in the power of storytelling. Predominantly, we believe in voices that have yet to be heard and culturally accurate art that has yet to be seen. We believe that personal narratives lead to more emotionally rich experiences. Our team is made up of highly talented people from diverse backgrounds who account for and allow multiple perspectives to shine through the world of video games.

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