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November 15, 2020
Full Time

Mohawk Games is looking for a Designer/Programmer to help develop our historical 4X game Old World. We are looking for talented designer with a passion for history and strategy games. An ideal candidate would have enough programming experience to implement their work directly.


  • Contribute to our design process with useful, targeted feedback.
  • Design and implement game systems based on team discussions.
  • Research historical sources to create scenarios and events.
  • Engage with the community to determine our successes and failures.
  • Able to work within set time-frames and to reach out when problems arise.


  • Ability to think critically about the effects of game mechanics.
  • An interest in world history and historical games.
  • Familiarity with the strategy genre, especially 4X games.
  • Experience doing rules-based design, either digital or tabletop.
  • Experience with a programming or a scripting language. (C# is a plus.)

All of Mohawk’s positions are remote. Submit your application here.

About Mohawk Games

Our independent studio makes innovative strategy games – games that our players come to know better than we do. We build worlds together as a team, and we build friendships. Since 2013, we have been humbled by the positive communities our games generated, and we would like to maintain that beat.

Diversity widens our horizons, allowing us to offer the gaming community a product that we are proud of and that does not exclude anyone. We believe that good ideas can come from anyone, and while experience matters, passion fuels our games.

Our ideal space to thrive is a positive one, and we Invite you to join, grow, and prosper with us.

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