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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

August 17, 2021
Full Time

Myr is a game studio started by veteran Social VR devs working in the industry since 2014. Social VR has been focusing more on building a platform and not enough on building great games. We hope to build these great experiences first. We are a small and fully remote team of designers, artists and engineers based in US, Europe, Asia and Australia. You can read more about us on our blog.

We are looking for a Toolkits Engineer to build tools that power all our experiences. You will be working on things such as physics system, interactions, locomotion, amongst many others. The game we are currently focusing on combines physical gameplay, modular design and shooting in VR.

Why work at Myr?

  • Remote friendly: Our team is spread across different continents and is fully remote.
  • Stock options: Build our future together.
  • Games allowance: Like you, we love games. Take a day off when your favorite game is coming out, better yet, let us gift it to you.
  • Unlimited time off: we don't tend to think in allotted time off days. You can take as much time off as the circumstance warrants.


  • Develop and maintain a toolkit that would be used to implement various gameplay mechanics, Interactions and Locomotion in VR.
  • Write efficient and optimized code.
  • Collaborating with gameplay to identify their needs, guiding and supporting content creators.
  • Be a voice and present your ideas and thoughts regarding any aspect of the game.
  • Regular playtests and feedback so we get to experience our game first hand and see what's fun and what isn't and what needs fixing.

Job requirements


  • 3~5 years experience of making games in Unity.
  • Experience of working in VR.
  • Worked in some capacity on game architecture.


  • Have developed multiple tools for game dev.
  • Experience with multiplayer game development.

About Myr

Myr is a games studio focused on building fun, physical multiplayer VR games. Our team comprises people who previously built Poker VR, one of the pioneering social apps in VR. We are a small fully remote team, spread all across the world, from USA to Australia.

If you have been working in the games industry, you'd fit right in. Some of our values:

  • Build something that's first-and-foremost fun to most people in the team. Then make it fun for even more people.
  • Playtest everything, all the time.
  • Focus on fun, and repeatedly ask, was this fun? Why or why not? How can we make it more fun?
  • Believe something can be done better? Build it and let people playtest.
  • Build toolkits for things that are going to be used on more than one project.

We're currently hiring a Senior Environment Artist, Gameplay Engineer, and Toolkits Engineer. Click here to view (and share) all of our available roles.

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