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February 10, 2021
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No Bloat is making Scoober Splat!, a free to play multiplayer game with a Dead by Daylight meets Mario Party and Among Us vibe. We're looking to contract an experienced Animator who can concept and deliver punchy animations that fit our fun, hectic style.

As our sole animator, you can self-direct and diagnose problems when animations just don't quite sit right. We are looking to animate 2 characters, which have multiple attack animations, run cycles, actions and deaths. Bonus points if you're familiar with choosing and implementing shaders to make particle systems and UI pop.


  • Implementation of animations in Unity

Bonus Skills

  • Writing Unity shaders
  • Discord

How to Apply

If you're interested, please email with the subject "Animator". Also include:

  • Resume
  • Work Examples / Animation Reel
  • Your earliest start date
  • How many hours per week you're available

If you feel the fit is right and you'd like to join the project, we offer an hourly rate or, if preferred, we have fair rev-share options available.

About Us

We are a small team from Toronto, Canada with over 4 years experience working on games. We're looking to use Scoober Splat! as our first step in a long journey of making games together, so we'd love to make long lasting relationships with fellow creatives!

About Scoober Splat!

You and your friends are Scoobers, deep-sea scavengers. When your submarine is invaded by rabid Goobers, you must quickly fix your submarine to rescue yourselves from certain massacre!

Apply for this Job
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