3D Artist

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December 2, 2020
Full Time
Copenhagen, DK

As our new 3D artist you will be working closely with our Creative Director to model caves, bridges, machines, and creatures to breathe life into the world of Airhead, adding your own creative input while ensuring a uniform style in the game.

In addition you can expect to help create environment backdrops, and objects ranging from rocks and plants to complex objects that will be central to Airhead’s environmental storytelling.


  • Creating, rigging, and animating 3D models of unique creatures and machines.
  • Set-dressing.
  • Produce environment assets for the game.
  • Import assets into Unity and in-game testing and validation.
  • Contribute your unique perspective and skills to the game.

You are:

  • A skilled 3d modeler with a passion for artistry and technical excellence.
  • A creative individual willing to share your passion and leave your mark on our game.
  • Open to direction, feedback, and discussion.
  • Fast,  detail-oriented, and efficient; highly self-motivated and able to take the initiative.
  • Energetic, proactive, and have great communication skills.

Experience Required:

  • 3+ years working professional with 3d Studio Max.
  • 2+ years experience with game development in Unity.
  • Experience with rigging, skinning and animation.
  • Knowledge of current production technologies and their relevant application – 3d Max, Unity, and Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Significant contributions to at least one AAA game is preferred, but not required.
  • Examples of current and past work, demonstrating your skill at modelling, skinning, rigging, and animation.
  • Able to create low poly models within a poly budget.

Great Advantages:

  • Experience with stylised character and environment designs.
  • Drawing and painting skills.
  • Experience working on a 2.5D platforming game.
  • A passion for games, especially Puzzle and Exploration games.
  • Experience with Sourcetree, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

At Octato we believe in openness and creating a sense of creative ownership through regular discussions of ideas. We expect you to leave your creative imprint on the game and participate when we are discussing creative and technical options and alternatives.

Salary will reflect your skills, experience, and last but certainly not least your drive and team-player skills.

Working at Octato

We are looking for extremely talented people with drive and passion to join our team and help us make Airhead the next big success in story-driven puzzle games.

You will be part of a highly motivated team of experienced developers dedicated to making the time spent at work a great part of your day.

We believe in a healthy Work/Life balance and encourage our employees not to neglect hobbies, family life etc.

The entire team will be involved in all aspects of the production, from initial ideation and production planning to finalizing and presenting the finished game.

How to Apply

Please send your application and résumé to jacob@octato.dk.

Prior to applying for any position, we expect you to make sure you understand the requirements for the position you are applying for. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the above e-mail.

Non-EU applicants are required to have the necessary visas to work in Denmark. Interviews will be held as applications are received.

About Airhead

Airhead is an adventure through a sprawling interconnected world, where you must explore, evolve and overcome intricate puzzles to succeed.

You play as Airhead, a small Body and the round inflated organism it uses as a Head. And while Head is slowly but surely deflating, you have a chance to save its life.

To do so, you must use air tanks to keep Head inflated while you explore Airhead’s metroidvania-style world, searching for amazing abilities and upgrades that will unlock new areas and puzzles for you to overcome.

On your adventure, it will be up to you to uncover the true connection between Head, the air tanks, and the technology that litters the world, so you can save Head no matter the cost.

About Octato

noun, plural oc·ta·toes.

  • An extreme healthy singularity with the ability to do many tasks simultaneously. No matter how varied the tasks, they always share a common vision.
  • Copenhagen based game company. Founded in 2018.

Octato was born to make games that tell relevant stories through atmosphere and gameplay. It is our goal to create a single fictional world where we can keep telling stories for many games to come. Games that will stay with the player long after they have been completed.

We have begun production of our first game AIRHEAD. We are excited to invite you into this small corner of our world and introduce you to its strange creatures and abandoned machines.

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