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August 20, 2020

We’re looking for an experienced artist to help the team develop the visuals of our current project. The style baselines are mostly set so the ideal candidate would be interested in an abstract, vibrant and minimalist visual style with cosmic and sci-fi themes.


  • Working with the team to develop a unique visual style
  • Bringing art to life through world-building and visual storytelling
  • Designing simple minimalist characters
  • Working independently on a variety of 3D/2D assets


  • A keen eye for creating unique, visually interesting game art
  • Experienced in using 3D software
  • Excellent communication skills in English or Spanish, including the ability to give, and receive constructive written/verbal/paint-overs feedback.


  • Shipped at least one console title
  • Experience in Unity
  • Having played Flat Heroes

Please send all applications to: contact@parallelcircles.com

About Parallel Circles

We're a tiny studio composed of developers with previous experience in the AAA industry that’s mainly focused on creating unique experiences for PC and consoles. Our first project as a studio was the minimalist action platformer Flat Heroes, a little game starring squares that has been highly praised for its controls and game feel, and are now working on a new project that explores challenging experiences in a world with a rich narrative context.

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