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December 8, 2020

Playmake is hiring a contract Environment Concept Artist!

Hi there! I’m Andrew, CEO of Playmake.

Are you our next Environment Concept Artist? Here’s why you should be!

Think multiplayer, theme-park-like spaces

This role is about designing spaces for groups of people to move through, as well as about setting mood through form and color. If your sole environment-design experience is in drawing landscapes or individual structures, this may not be the role for you.

However, if you have experience sketching an entire traversable space at once, using tools of the craft like axonometry, traffic-flow callouts, and detail zoom-ins, we’d like to talk to you.

pictoral map of Disneyland
We’re well aware that pictorial maps exist, as a genre, independently of Disney parks. But did you really think we’d show anything else as an example? 😉

You’ll work closely with a small, highly-skilled team.

Our team has experience creating fun for millions of players at companies like Unity, Apple, NetherRealm Studios, and Hasbro.

While concepting, you’ll collaborate in fast cycles with game-makers who are extremely dedicated to what they do. Take a look at the project spec we put together for reworking our lobby; we work by defining what we need to accomplish for the player, and then we iterate until we nail it.

concept weapon sketches
Our 3D artists just need your concept sketches to fire their imagination! 

You’ll be creating player experience on top of already-strong core gameplay.

That’s not just my squishy opinion. Our first game, Murder Party, is currently live with scratch art, and we already have player retention as strong as the top 10 games on Roblox.

Players love the game, and we need someone (you??) to pull together the game systems we’ve built into a believable, inhabitable world.

this game is the best game ever
this game is marvelous
this is by far the coolest game I ever played
This is what players are saying about our game.

Now think about how you’re going to blow their minds
even more with fully-realized environments.

You’ll reach 10s of millions of players

If you’ve been living under a rock (I mean, more than we’ve all been living under a rock in 2020), Roblox is now played by 75% of 7-to-12-year olds in the U.S. each month, and is growing globally. That’s 170 million players a month across the whole platform; your work can reach an audience bigger than Steam’s.

Details of the position

This is a contract role.

We were fully-remote before 2020, and we remain fully-remote. You can work from anywhere that has a good Internet connection.

How to apply

Start by playing our first game. Then, take a look at the spec for this project.

If this is the right role for you, you’ll know. You’ll already be thinking “Aha! We can’t make the environment look like a ‘kids’ game’ from 10 years ago, because Roblox players today have already seen every top AAA game on Youtube and they refuse to be pandered to...and we have to show them a fictional setting that references the infinite amounts of shonen anime/streamer videos they’re watching every day...”

If that’s you, then contact me, andrew@playmake.games, with a link to your portfolio and we’ll go from there!

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