Monetization Designer (Consulting)

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December 29, 2021

Do you want to join a company that tripled its playerbase last year, and help us keep that rate going?

Do you want to help monetize a game that already has best-in-platform retention, so you’re building on a foundation of genuine player love?

Have you ever wished that you were there at the birth of a new games medium?

If so, you should work with Playmake as our first outside Monetization consultant.

Who are you?

You have deep experience in designing for spending players in free-to-play games.

You think both downward from the UX of a player who has fun spending money in game systems, and upward from game systems to help them accommodate more, and more fun, spending.

You have:

  • A world-class sense of why people spend money on free-to-play games. Your work isn’t just copying techniques you’ve seen elsewhere; you start by understanding the psychological motivations to spend that are present in a particular game.
  • A rigorous attitude toward testing. You view the players flowing through a game each day a resource, to be spent as efficiently as you can on monetization tests.
  • Experience working directly with systems, progression, and economy designers, to make sure the experience of payers can exists smoothly alongside the experience of non-payers.
  • A strong sense for the dynamics of a game economy as a whole, including inflation, content burnout, and the effect of player-to-player systems such as trading and gifting.
  • The ability to communicate your plans and findings clearly, both to audiences who are experts in game monetization and audiences that are not.

Note that this isn’t a list that an HR person put together by Googling; this is the internal rubric we use to evaluate candidates.

Who are we?

Playmake is dedicated to making the best games on Roblox.

Our mission is to learn, better than anyone else, what this emerging audience wants. The best gameplay- and metagame-design patterns for these games – uniquely 3D, multiplayer, and casual – are just waiting to be discovered.

We’re growing fast. Around 3.5 million players a month play our games; we more than tripled our playerbase in the past 12 months.

We decentralize decision-making as much as possible, giving individual team members latitude to prioritize, design, and implement their own projects.

We are fully remote, with team members on 4 continents. You can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

How to apply

No cover letter is required. Please instead email the following to monetization DOT designer AT playmake DOT games:

  • A resume or LinkedIn profile (we need to know what games you’ve worked on, and what you did on them)
  • A portfolio, with links to playable versions of as many games you’ve worked on as are currently available
  • Short (~1-paragraph) answers to the following:
    • Tell us about a time that you shipped a major change to a game’s monetization and it didn’t have the measurable impact you predicted.
    • Tell us about a time you learned something new from an experiment about why players were spending in a game.
    • Tell us about a time you realized that that the current core gameplay of a game was putting limits on how well a KPI could perform. How did you explain this to the team? What did the team do?

While we cannot guarantee a response, our CEO reads every application personally. We hope we get the chance to talk to you.

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