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Protodroid DeLTA
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June 6, 2022

We’re looking for a freelance/contract Environment Artist for a 3D action-platformer made in Unreal Engine called “Protodroid DeLTA.” As the Environment Artist, you will primarily work on installing environmental art assets with an established stylized look to build stunning levels that showcase the beauty of the game’s unique “Solarpunk” aesthetic.

The Environment Artist will work closely with the Level Designer to bring a blocked-out space to life. You may also be required to model, texture, and author additional assets as needed to suit the world building and gameplay


  • Installing environment art assets (floors, walls, platforms, props, foliage) to replace the level blockout meshes
  • Using terrain and foliage assets to build background landscapes and vistas
  • Ensuring assets used keep the levels performant and optimized for gameplay
  • Modeling, texturing and lighting assets and environments


  • Portfolio showcasing recent personal or professional work in Unreal
  • Artistic eye to visualize entire levels based on concept art and direction
  • Strong understanding of optimizing art for performance in Unreal (LODs, actor count, etc.)
  • Expertise in scene lighting in Unreal
  • Experience with PBR and material authoring
  • Self-directed and receptive to critique and feedback


  • Portfolio showcasing levels or scenes that make use of stylized art assets in Unreal
  • Professional experience working in Unreal

How to Apply

To apply, simply click the apply button and complete the application form.

Applications without portfolios will not be considered!


Hi! I'm Adam Kareem. I'm a solo indie developer based in Mountain View, CA creating "Protodroid DeLTA" - a Megaman X inspired 3D action platformer set in a Solarpunk world.The game is built with Unreal Engine 4. 

I ran a successful Kickstarter in 2020 and am one of the first recipients of the Humble Games "Black Game Developer Fund". I’m now looking to hire freelance/contract talent to help me complete the project.

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