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Protodroid DeLTA
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May 6, 2022

Protodroid DeLTA is looking for a contract Programmer for a 3D action-platformer made in Unreal Engine 4! You will be responsible for developing enemy AI as well as implementing gameplay systems for combat and player abilities.

A successful candidate is one who can work proficiently within the existing code base, can produce efficient & easily readable Blueprints, has experience in at least 1 other programming language, and is highly receptive to feedback and direction.

The Programmer will work closely with the Lead Developer through regular progress updates and weekly meetings to enable highly effective remote collaboration.


  • Program gameplay systems for combat and player abilities
  • Implement enemy AI using Behavior Trees for boss fights and basic enemy encounters
  • Consult with the Lead Developer & other Designers on the team to implement or modify systems
  • Playtest & iterate on your enemy designs to improve the fun, challenge, and memorability of the game’s encounters
  • Debug and code optimization as needed


  • Strong experience with Unreal Engine 4 (preferably launched at least one project; preferably with a team)
  • Proficient with Blueprints
  • Intermediate to expert-level understanding of Unreal’s Behavior Trees
  • Adept at presenting ideas through writing and discussions
  • Self-directed and receptive to critique and feedback


  • Experience with Git version control of large code bases
  • Experience shipping at least one professional game title
  • Proficiency in C++ is a nice-to-have

How to Apply

To apply, simply complete the application form.

Applications without portfolios or websites will not be considered!


Hi! I'm Adam Kareem. I'm a solo indie developer based in Mountain View, CA creating "Protodroid DeLTA" - a Megaman X inspired 3D action platformer set in a Solarpunk world.The game is built with Unreal Engine 4. 

I ran a successful Kickstarter in 2020 and am one of the first recipients of the Humble Games "Black Game Developer Fund". I’m now looking to hire freelance/contract talent to help me complete the project.

Programming & Development
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