VFX Artist

Ramen VR
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April 22, 2022
Full Time

Ramen VR is seeking a skilled and experienced VFX Artist to join our outstanding team. Create visually stunning, stylized effects for VR to immerse players in a vivid world filled with unique characters, engaging combat, and gorgeous environments. Our team at Ramen VR is exceptionally dedicated to building Zenith post-launch; we pride ourselves on developing a captivating experience that delivers high quality, immersive gameplay in a fantastical setting. We’re searching for a passionate VFX Artist who possesses a balance of technical problem-solving and artistic skills to continue bringing this vision to life.


  • Create stylized VFX for all aspects of Zenith, from boss fights to magical spells and everything in between.
  • Implement effects in the Unity Engine that are optimized for VR platforms, and ensure that they are performant.
  • Enhance the immersive experience in the game through captivating environmental effects to bring the world to life.
  • Communicate clearly with the animators, artists, game designers, and other team members involved in the art and gameplay pipeline.
  • Produce VFX on a schedule, while meeting or exceeding the bar of quality.
  • Work in a fast-paced environment and collaborate remotely via Discord and Zoom.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A portfolio that showcases stylized VFX.
  • Knowledge of the principles of animation including movement, timing, impact, and anticipation.
  • 2+ years of experience working in the games industry.
  • Experience optimizing VFX for mobile or Oculus Quest 1&2 platforms.
  • Strong game design awareness and ability to create effects that will make the combat, status effect changes, and enemy attacks as clear as possible to the player.
  • Experience with Unity.
  • Ability to work under pressure and receive constructive art feedback.
  • Great communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.


  • A passion for VR games and MMOs
  • Proficiency with shaders, particle systems, 3D graphics, etc.
  • Interested in JRPGS or anime

About Ramen VR

Ramen VR was formed in 2019 by Andy and Lauren to build Zenith: The Last City, a massively multiplayer online world built for VR. Inspired by our favorite JRPGs, MMOs, and more, Zenith launched in early 2022 and was instantly the #1 top-selling game on Steam, Oculus, and PS VR -- a record breaking achievement. After our successful product launch and over $11 million in investment from the world's best gaming and consumer tech investors, our team is now looking to expand, and grow Zenith in new and exciting directions!Our philosophy is to Do Right by the Player, and cultivate a gratifying experience in the game by keeping our community in the forefront of our mind.  We uphold our cultural values by maintaining transparency and active communication with our community and between team members.

Why Work At Ramen VR?

  • Create the next reality. Every startup claims they are changing the world. How often do you find one that's building an entirely new reality? Also, we're such a small team, that you'll be working from and learning directly from the founders every day.
  • We Love Games. Have a favorite game coming out? Take a day off on launch day. We'll even buy you the deluxe version of the game. Play the game, and just do a short write-up to teach us what you learned. Want to attend PAX or E3? Once a year, we'll schedule a corporate trip for anyone who wants to go and hang out, while working together.
  • Work Remotely. Need to walk the dog, take care of your kids, or just want to live where you are? Work remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Company Game Jams. About once per quarter, travel somewhere in the world with us, and live in a big house together for a week, all expenses paid. Spend time working , playing games, exploring a new country, and growing together.

About Zenith: The Last City

The world of Zenith crawls with monsters that have been empowered by a dark and mysterious god -- but glory and treasures await those brave enough to unveil Zenith's mysteries.

Experience action-packed combat as you battle monsters that know how to dodge your blows and respond with ferocity.  Forge alliances in guilds, join epic raids and world events, and blaze a path to become the most powerful Agent Zenith has ever known.

Art & Animation
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