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July 14, 2021
Part Time
United States
$11 to $15 per hour
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Resonym, a woman-led small indie board game publisher, is growing and is seeking a social media and marketing team member. This is a 20 hours per week, remote position. The position will work closely with Resonym’s existing team to build community and promote Resonym’s board games to the world. Women, LGBTQ+ applicants, and black, indigenous, multiracial, and other applicants of color are all particularly encouraged to apply.


  • Manage Social Media: Post regularly to Resonym’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and strategize to grow these platforms. Post occasionally to Resonym’s Youtube account. Engage with followers on those platforms, and grow follower bases. Feature Resonym’s products on occasional Twitch streams.
  • Manage Community: Maintain Resonym’s community of fans on Discord and social media through regular engagement, and strategize to grow this fanbase. Mobilize them to support Resonym.
  • Create Media: Take photos, make videos and other graphics for use in social media and occasions such as Kicksterter campaigns.
  • Manage Kickstarters: Assist with Kickstarter community management including drafting and sending Kickstarter updates, responding to backer comments, and arranging promotional events and streams.
  • Conduct Promotion and Marketing: Plan and execute marketing campaigns on the web, via social media, and at conventions. Record metrics and optimize campaigns. Write and distribute press releases.
  • Conduct Outreach: Select content creators and reviewers to create reviews, playthroughs, streams, interviews, etc. featuring Resonym’s team or products, both for upcoming Kickstarters and already-released products. Arrange, oversee, and sometimes participate in created content.
  • Manage Mailing List: Compose and send periodic updates to the Resonym mailing list.
  • Attend Conventions: Demo and sell Resonym’s products and network with industry professionals at conventions. Assist with planning convention attendance.
  • Customer Service: Dispatch orders from Resonym web store. Answer customer inquiries via email and social media.
  • Maintain Web Presence: Help maintain Resonym websites and archives. Update Resonym websites as new games are released.
  • Other: Contribute to brainstorms. Playtest prototypes. Assist in development and production. Assist with sales. Other duties as assigned by Game Designer or CEO.


  • Experience with social media, marketing, or community management
  • Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred
  • Excellent understanding of social media platforms, especially Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to be flexible and problem solve for all of the types of challenges a small business can face
  • Ability to both work well with a team, and work independently
  • Ability to both come up with big picture strategies, and see strategies through
  • Strong organizational and time management ability and attention to detail
  • Knowledge of board games or the tabletop games industry strongly preferred
  • Must be located in and authorized to work in the United States
  • Located in the northeastern United States is a plus
  • Photography, videography, and photo and video editing experience is a plus
  • Twitch streaming and Streamlabs OBS experience is a plus


This position pays $11 to $15 per hour. Interested candidates can send questions to To apply, send a resume including examples of social media, marketing, and/or community management work to


We make exceptional games that players love.

Founded by game designer, digital artist, and professor Mary Flanagan, Resonym is a dedicated, woman-led band of geeky game makers in New Hampshire bringing new voices to tabletop gaming and beyond. We design everything in-house, taking care to make games with outstanding art, unique gameplay, and a commitment to inclusivity.

Mary’s vision was to build a socially conscious and successful game publisher driven by a passion for fair play with other good people who share these values. When she started publishing tabletop games in 2012, she was loading pallets of games into her pickup truck. A few years later, thanks to our award-winning party games Buffalo: The Name Dropping Game and Awkward Moment, and our hit strategy games Monarch and VISITOR in Blackwood Grove, Resonym has grown tremendously and our values continue to serve as the foundation for what we do.


We are a small dedicated team who go the extra mile for our players. We design everything in house and carefully select our art team to make sure you get a unique game experience that feels great during and after play. While big companies may have a huge presence at trade shows and large marketing teams, you’ve just got us! We come to shows and events ourselves to meet you, our players, firsthand. We pay attention to materials and preserve our best ideas that could get watered down at a big conglomerate.


Phantom Ink is a 15-minute, party game about renowned mediums competing to prove who has the best connection with the World Beyond. To do this, mediums must correctly identify a secret object that the Spirits are trying to communicate to them.

Show your hosting prowess and treat your favorite Surrealist artists and writers to an excellent dinner party Surrealist Dinner Party! But this might be trickier than you’d imagine. Keep your guests happy by serving the food they desire, managing drama between them, and sending them home at the right time.

Mechanica is an engine building game where you must buy factory improvements and fit them together like puzzle pieces to manufacture the best TIDYBOTS. Ship out as many TIDYBOTS as possible to prepare for (the definitely harmless) OPERATION CLEANUP. Each turn players create basic TIDYBOTS and move them down their assembly lines—through the improvements they’ve snapped into their factories.

Learn more about these games and others like VISITOR in Blackwood Grove, Monarch, and buffalo: the name dropping game on our website.

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