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Sassy Chap Games
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April 25, 2023
Part Time
$60 an hour

Sassy Chap Games is looking to hire quite a VFX animator with a kick-ass attitude! Is this you? Read on!


What’s the deal with Sassy Chap Games? You don’t even have a website!

It’s true, we haven’t gotten that done just yet, but we have put 4 years of blood, sweat, and pixels into this intensely narrative-driven game so far, and we finally got the funding that we need to take this bad boy all the way to launch!

But as for us founders, we are three industry veteran voice actors who have used our wisdom to surround ourselves with the best indie devs around! Perhaps you know who we are from your favorite games?


(Pictured: voice actors and ne’er-do-wells Robbie Daymond, Max Mittelman, and Ray Chase)


Cool, can you tell me about the game?

Unfortunately not on this job posting, but we’d be happy to share more once you sign an NDA! What we can say here is that it’s a very funny, mischievous, but also quite moving narrative-driven game. We have our systems built in Unity using the Ink language to help our writers parse out our branching paths.


Sounds vague to me! What skills are you looking for?

We need someone who is:

  • fluent in Unity, able to implement their work into our project using Git
  • excellent at producing funny, magically real transition/transformation animations
  • able to take static dialogue/interact UI and transition it into and out of states
  • fun.


Availability-wise - we are offering a part-time position over the next 6 months to work with our UI and art team on helping to flesh out transitions between our game states and some especially flashy magical intros. This could be a very short term gig as well depending on how quickly you want to work!

We are offering $60 an hour, remote from anywhere in the world.

This position is open to anyone who thinks they might fit the bill, regardless of industry experience, age, neurodivergence, gender, race, etc!

We want to hear from everybody - so please reach out to us via email with your resume, availability, and favorite object that’s on your desk right now!

Sassy Chap Games
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đź‘‹ Hi! Nate from Work With Indies here. Just stopping by to say that, while the details of the game are not yet public, I had a chance to see an early trailer and let me tell you: it is all kinds of quirky and funny and clever. I am a fan.

But, I am an even bigger fan of Amanda. They're great! And the lucky programmer that gets to work with them will be better for it. If you're at all thinking about it, do not hesitate to apply.

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