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February 10, 2021
Full Time

The Publishing Producer will be responsible for coordinating with external development teams, platform holders, and service providers, as well as supporting the product publishing and development process from concept through and post-launch. The Producer will also manage and coordinate a wide array of relationships with internal team resources to produce content and assets for multiple platforms, and may also be asked to occasionally assist in production duties of internal development teams.


  • Create and maintain project plans in conjunction with the development team(s), including scope, resources, schedule, and budget.
  • Work closely with the business team to identify and vet development partners worldwide.
  • Set expectations both internally and with external development partners through clear and consistent documentation and communication.
  • Work and coordinate with external partners in localization, QA, marketing/advertising, PR, licensing, legal, sales, etc.
  • Proactively assess risk and mitigating as necessary.
  • Manage new and ongoing relationships with regional publishers and co-publishers, including physical publishers and distribution partners.


  • Relevant experience in the game development or software development industry.
  • Excellent problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
  • Ability to provide clear and concise feedback.
  • Ability to diagnose inefficiencies and suggest solutions.
  • Ability to foresee and communicate risks and obstacles to all.
  • Strong organizational ability to prioritize tasks accurately and efficiently.
  • Knowledgeable of current trends and happenings in the video game industry.
  • Understanding of cultural and communication differences when communicating with international organizations.


  • Production experience on both development and publisher sides.
  • Experience with other aspects of game development, such as art, engineering, design, etc.
  • Commercially shipped at least one game
  • Prior experience in retail/wholesale/supply chain
  • The ideal candidate will be able to join us at our office in beautiful Boulder, Colorado once COVID-19 related working conditions improve.

How To Apply:

Email us at jobs (at) Send us a resume, cover letter, and any supplementary materials/links that are relevant to the job you're applying for.

About Us:

Serenity Forge, based out of Boulder, Colorado, develops and publishes meaningful games that challenge the way you think. We pride ourselves on the care and dedication we put into our work. Now is a great time to join a growing studio that seeks passionate team members to contribute to the next generation of great games. We've got some amazing projects in the works, and we want you to help make them even better!

We are a long-term driven studio that provides opportunities for new members to develop exciting skills, so don't be afraid to apply even when your current experience doesn't fit 100% of the job requirements!

Our Upcoming Games:

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse

Taking place in the Cyanide & Happiness universe, you play as a weird, unpopular, ginger-headed orphan, and it's time to save the world.

As Coop "Go Away, Weirdo" McCarthy, all you want to do is make the world a better place. The trouble is: Nobody likes you, school sucks, you can't find a prom date, everybody bullies you (including your teachers), and your attempts to help only makes things worse. Will you escape high school alive? Who will love you? Why is this game called Freakpocalypse? Find the answers to these questions and more by looking at, talking to, and touching everything within the Cyanide & Happiness universe.

Date Night Bowling

Ten characters in search of love gather around two neon-lit bowling alleys for some date night bowling. Choose your character, find your date, and try your best to hit it off—or at least hit some pins.

Out at your local bowling alley for a dating event, strike up a conversation, hop over to the bowling lanes, and try your best to make a good first impression. Play things right and you might just find your soulmate! To win over your date, you’ll rely not only on your bowling skills, but also on your ability to tell well-timed jokes, throw popcorn into their mouth, give the perfect shoulder rub, and more!

Land of Screens

When Holland’s social media is lit ablaze by a recent breakup, she embarks on a new mission to ditch the social media saturation and discover some real-world relationships among a Land of Screens

When a recent breakup lights Holland’s social media ablaze, she hopes to find some breathing room out in the real world—but as plugged-in as everyone is, it seems impossible that she'll ever get a break. In Land of Screens, guide Holland on her new mission to ditch the social media saturation and discover some real-world relationships by enlisting the help of a few new friends, some synthy chiptune jams, and the inimitable chemistry of small children and adorable animals.

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