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December 17, 2020

Skymap Games is seeking freelance 3D artists to help shape the vision for its upcoming project, AI Confidential. This is a narrative-rich, interactive experience with a light and playful sci-fi setting.

We are seeking 3D character and environment artists with the following expertise:


  • Skilled at creating low-poly, performant art for VR target platform
  • Comfort working in a multi-platform pipeline a plus

This is a paid, part-to-full time contract engagement, commencing mid-January 2021. Selected candidates will be asked to participate in a paid art test.

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Interested candidates are encouraged to submit portfolios, relevant work experience, and rate considerations using this form.

AI Confidential

Additional videos can be found here.

About Skymap

Skymap Games is an independent game development studio located in New England, with a breadth of industry experience across co-development, external development, and original titles. We value ambitious and compelling experiences, challenges that we can learn from, and work we can be proud of.

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