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October 30, 2020

We are looking for an Environment Artist to build natural landscapes for a new unannounced science fiction game. The work will focus on in-editor scene layout, but will also involve modeling assets, authoring textures and materials. The environments are set in various Earth ecosystems. The emphasis is on broad strokes drafting of mood rather than detail. The ideal candidate will have a strong sense for quickly mocking up scenes with powerful composition and color.


  • Set dresses with modular assets in-editor within scope of the project's metrics and rules.
  • Creates organic and hard-surface assets with or without concept art
  • Maintains performance requirements for levels (memory, framerate, draw calls, instances)
  • Scopes levels for on-time milestone delivery
  • Works independently and actively communicates with production teams as needed


  • Works in Unity (comfort with Unreal is a bonus)
  • Uses pre-existing assets to quickly mock-up environments
  • Has strong intuition for the way an environment is moved through (its “feng shui”)
  • An interest in landscape ecology

Project Scope

This is a finite contract, with the possibility of further work.

How to Apply

Send your application to dkanagamusic@gmail.com with the title "Job Application - Environment Artist".

Please include specific skills you would bring to a new project, as well as any links to current and/or past projects and your resume.

Apply for this Job
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