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February 9, 2021
Part Time

StikiPixels is looking for a lead game designer to design gameplay, systems, and content for a unique MMO currently in Early Access. If you haven’t, check out OWW.

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Who we are

We are a funded start-up working over the past 4 years on a new type of an online game, one that influences ‘old school’ reality, we like to question the meaning of ‘game’, ‘platform’, ‘Art’ and ‘content’. We have a small but super enthusiastic community and work with some cutting-edge AI.

We have a diverse team all working remotely. We’re friendly and hardcore, and work in Unreal.

Who do we want

We are looking for an experienced game designer, to help develop the game further. The ideal candidate will have experience/passion for MMOs, building games and ideally, Art.

Special focus on systems interactions and levels, as well as F2P monetisation. That person needs to have excellent communications skills, be organised, and have an extremely high attention to detail.


  • 4+ years industry experience
  • Portfolio showcasing games you have worked on
  • Ability to iterate quickly
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and planning skills
  • Ability to design and configure large data sets with care
  • Experience with using playtest feedback and live player data to re-tune data
  • Ability to communicate in English, both verbally and written
  • Conscientious and self-motivated

Huge plusses

  • Interest in AI (ML)
  • Love of Art

What are we offering?

  • Part time role (2.5 days per week) with a competitive salary.
  • Interesting, highly original work in a smallish start up with a diverse team. Interesting partner collaborations (Artists, collections etc) and cutting-edge use of AI in online games.
  • Live game with an enthusiastic community, allow for quick experimentation and feedback.
  • Flexible working arrangements (our entire team is remote)

How to apply?

Please send your CV and any relevant portfolio/links to stiki.careers@stikipixels.com

About Occupy White Walls

To say it’s a PC sandbox-building, AI-driven MMO where people play with Art, developed by folks who really love architecture and abstract characters… would be a bit of a mouthful.

We could have named it ‘World of curation craft’, or ‘Clash of artistically and architecturally curious people’ but we chose Occupy White Walls. OWW for short. Pronounced as Owouawwouaw.

OWW is now shaking up everything you thought you knew about the world of art.The game is live on Steam in early access and is ideal for individuals who have the courage, the audacity, the vision … or who just clicked our Ad.

About StikiPixels

Games are old. They're older than poetry, they're older than prose, they're older than drama. Bears play games. Games speak to people deep inside their brains, where instincts lie.

Games are new. Those games you play on your phone, your tablet, your PC - you couldn't have played any of them thirty years ago. Technology enables games. Games mediate reality. Games speak to people at the surface of their brains, where thoughts dance.

StikiPixels makes games that leverage fun to create something altogether more profound. Technology, art, psychology, and voodoo are our tools. Games that change the world for the better will be our legacy.

We are StikiPixels, the revolution waits for no-one.

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