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March 9, 2022

Hello! We’re Stormy Nights!

We are currently recruiting for 2D animators for our game, **Breeze in the Clouds**, a stylish, Combo-Centric 2D Action/Adventure Platformer where you can manipulate the weather with a corgi and battle pollution-based bosses.

Work Brief

The workload will consist of creating animations for a 2D action/brawling game. You will be creating animations for either character acting (idle, moving, jumping, falling, etc) or character combat.

You will be provided with a template of a character model to work off from. For some animations, there will be a few keys to work with, and only inbetweening will be required.

Animations will be rough animations with an average duration of 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds per deliverable.


The tools our team uses are primarily Clip Studio Paint EX.

For roughing out and tie-down animations, we aren't particularly picky with which tool you use, as long as you use the provided templates for each character you will be working on, and can export the sequence.

For clean up, Clip Studio Paint EX is required.


We animate on 2's or 3's to mimic a more anime-like timing, but will occasionally mix in 1s in combat or quick actions. Most animations are less than 1 second/24 frames total, but this will vary from action to action.

Example Character Models:

4 character models of a cartoon fox
4 character models of a cartoon beaver


  • Strong drawing ability and able to adapt to provide style.
  • A strong 2D art and animation portfolio that covers character animation (Please make sure your animation reel is at least 30-sec to 1 min).
  • Experience in 2D animation software such as Clip Studio Paint (EX version required) , TV Paint, or Photoshop. We do not use skeletal/Spine based animation.
  • Strong communications skills (English is our working language). Timely communication, Good Collaboration skills and receptive to feedback.
  • Experience with animating for games, large animation project or action sequences is a plus.
  • Discord, Google Drive, Milanote and Notion required for team collaboration and asset management.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older

Nice To Haves:

  • Experience working in Unity
  • Experience working on a shipped game

Role Specifications:

  • This is a part-time contract position.

How to Apply:

Email us (jobs@stormynights.games) with the following information:

  • Your Preferred Name
  • Portfolio link for us to get to know your strengths (recommended reel length of 30-sec to 1 min).
  • Your preferred rate per deliverable.
  • Your location, timezone and availability.

After we receive your application, we may ask qualified candidates to undertake a paid art test. All tested applicants will also be allowed to use said tests in your portfolio.

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