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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

November 22, 2021
Part Time

As our Social Media and Community Specialist, you will be creating social media content and actively engaging with our community. You will be responsible for creating strategies, executing plans, and creating content to increase both followers and engagement across various channels, including Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc.

Role Responsibilities

  • Create a strategic editorial plan and execute it to iterate and improve engagements leading each interested person from discovery to wishlist/purchase
  • Create social media and community-related content such as copy/visual and other creative forms of interactions building a brand and communication identity for both the game and the studio behind it 
  • Assist in general marketing activities and tactics as needed and manage the positioning strategy and game perception as a premium indie game
  • Build and manage our social community on multiple platforms
  • Design and write valuable and engaging material adapting to the present communication style
  • Shitpost in a thoughtful absurd manner
  • Be professional, on time and yourself
  • Build and nurture relationships and partnership with influencers and relevant personalities in the indie game industry
  • Analyse consumer behaviour and trends, adjusting communication activities accordingly

You are perfect for us if you have:

  • Outstanding knowledge of social media and experience in building and maintaining communities across different platforms, such as Discord, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent and clear writing and text analysis skills
  • Strong organizational skills

You are perfect for us if you are:

  • Extraordinary communicator with a creative ironic streak and an eye for detail
  • Constantly up to date on gaming industry news, trends, relevant events and opportunities
  • A great problem solver especially in understanding the potential of each social media and in finding solutions to improve our communication strategies

Bonus Skills & Experience

  • Experience in working with influencers & influencer agencies
  • Graphic design experience using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or similar software
  • Ability to speak and write in Italian
  • Video editing and/or motion graphics experience
  • Livestreaming experience
  • Experience in newsletter tools such as Mailchimp

Additional Information

  • Type: Part-time, 10/15h week
  • Location: Work from home

How To Apply

Send us your resume, cover letter, and any supplementary materials/links relevant to the role to

About Us

Studio Cima is an Italian remote based studio founded by Stefano Rauzi in 2019. The team is composed of game industry’s professionals that worked on several games, but The Perfect Pencil is the first game created together. We are young, passionate and determined to create a thoughtful and engaging experience that will resonate with people through the magical interactive medium of videogame.

About the Game

The Perfect Pencil (Twitter / Instagram) is a psychological narrative driven action platformer that lets you explore a bizarre hand drawn world populated with curious and allegorical characters that represent various aspects of human behaviour. The journey of the main character is a reflection of his personal growth, and as you guide him you’ll find yourself influenced in your path by different narratives and situations. 

The game was born from the idea of communicating an interactive story inspired by a personal experience of psychological struggle with fear and anxiety. Visually appealing and narratively interesting, the game is full of original elements to work with in order to create powerful social media communication.

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