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January 15, 2021
Full Time
$60K-$75K CAD

sunset visitor 斜陽過客 is a new independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada.  We are dedicated to creating narrative-focused games that explore diverse and under-represented stories in a speculative-fiction context.

As a team, we have a decade of experience in experimental theatre, dance, music, visual arts, and new media. We are directors, writers, dancers, animators, and programmers currently working on our debut game, 1000xRESIST!.

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We are looking for a full-time Unity developer to be the first dedicated programmer at our small studio.

You would be responsible for implementing game functionality, UI, designs, and concepts. You must be able to write and maintain high quality, clean, and reliable code. You should be comfortable reusing/extending existing libraries where it is necessary and communicating your thinking clearly.

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to shape the culture at our studio as it develops.

Salary / Benefits:

  • $60K-$75K CAD salary range
  • 2 weeks paid vacation
  • Unlimited sick days
  • As a new company, we are in the process of obtaining health benefits (as a core member of our team, you will have a voice on these matters)


  • Designing, prototyping, and implementing gameplay mechanics and sequences
  • Creating efficient, shippable systems, and core game infrastructure
  • Optimizing code for performance
  • Help shape our studio culture


  • Firm understanding of Unity / C#
  • Experience with Unity UI, Rendering (Built-in), Animator
  • Experienced in GIT version control + GIT LFS, or, Plastic SCM
  • Able to write and maintain entire systems
  • Able to work independently
  • English language, good communication skills
  • Canadian citizen / permanent residence / work visa

Bonus Experience:

  • Your own art practice (in any medium!)
  • Indie game / studio experience
  • Shader programming experience
  • 3D Art knowledge and/or abilities
  • Building Editor Tools in Unity
  • Experience with PixelCrusher's Dialogue System

As a primarily POC team, we are dedicated to diversity and making a safe space for everyone at our studio.  We encourage anyone eligible and interested to apply, irrespective of race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability or age.

We are aware that candidates from marginalized communities often have less confidence in applying for positions than non-marginalized candidates, and so we would like to explicitly state that applicants from marginalized communities will be given priority.

Location / Timing / COVID-19:

  • This position requires you to be legally able to work in Canada due to our funding restrictions.
  • Our production is currently planned to begin in late-spring 2021
  • While work may begin remotely due to COVID-19, we are hoping that the applicant can eventually join us at our office in Vancouver, but are open to discussing permanent remote work
  • For permanent remote work, you must be able to have significant crossover with our working hours in Pacific Standard Time
  • We take health and safety seriously and will not gather in-person or request travel until government restrictions are lifted and all parties feel safe to do so
  • For temporary remote work, a workstation will be provided, which will move to the office location when we return to work in-person / For permanent remote work, a workstation will be provided, but remain property of the studio
  • Relocation funds are available

To Apply:

Please send an email to hiring@sunsetvisitor.studio with the following:

  • Introduction (tell us about yourself!) [500 words maximum]
  • CV or resume or summary of relevant experience
  • Links to your portfolio site, itch.io, or any relevant showcase of your work

We respect the time it takes you to apply and will respond to all applicants.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

1000xRESIST screenshot


The year is {vÿ[ï←àt~↕}.

Civilization is extinct. All that is left is you and your sisters, cloning one another into eternity.

You are the holder of experience for this generation. Your name and function: Watcher. You study the life of the ALLMOTHER, hoping to understand your dire circumstances.

The more you learn, the more you question. When a sister ACTS OUT, you discover that someone has tampered with history…

1000xRESIST! is a science-fiction adventure game inspired by city-pop, magical realism, and post-human narratives. Play as a group of eccentric clones reliving the life of their Creator, as they begin to understand the fate of humanity and their place within it.

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