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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

May 4, 2021
Full Time

Join the Business Development Squad of Super Crowd and work on award winning events brands like Indie Arena Booth, MAG and many more. Unfold your potential and make the industry a better place!

For more than 8 years the multiple awarded Indie Arena Booth has helped more than 1.000 Indie Teams from 75 nations to showcase their games in front of a global game audience. We always followed the mantra "Whatever helps the developer". We're able to bring like minded brands and partners on board that support us on our global mission: Connecting indie developers with their commercial audience.

Furthermore we created the MAG Community convention in Erfurt, with exhibitors like Nintendo, Riot Games and the biggest German content creators.

Last but not least we rebooted the Hamburg Games Conference in 2020, which is our B2B Industry Event in partnership with GRAEF Rechtsanwälte and Gamecity Hamburg.

With all these awesome gaming events both for B2B, B2C, national and international we decided to bring a fresh face on board for Business Development.


  • A standing in the global games industry, either as a former game developer or business developer
  • A deep understanding of the B2B side of the gaming industry either on the publishing or event side
  • Is a humble sales person who sells a story first rather than an excel sheets with prices and discounts
  • Is able to create appealing Sales Pitches
  • Is able to create appealing KPI Reports
  • Has a feeling for what is important for a game developer
  • Rough understanding on how streaming, Twitch and content creators operate
  • Is looking for an awesome team to expand his/her knowledge
  • Is interested to make this industry a more diverse place!

We offer:

  • Work remotely with Miro, Slack and google Drive
  • Trusted gaming event brands and strong partner relations
  • A strong line up of business development mentors inside of Super Crowd with decades of industry experience
  • The chance to build up new gaming brands from the ground up

About Super Crowd

Is it a game? Is it an event? It's Super Crowd.

Out of 100 employees, 84% are looking for a job and 16% are looking for a purpose! Super Crowd is a company for the 16% of our society - for people who are looking for meaning in their work. Our event brands stand for diversity, accessibility, creativity, the next shit, personality and very good execution.

Our digital event business, aims to give people hope in times of pandemic and show how events can be fun without anyone having to put their health at risk. The benefits of the digital experience, such as measurability of attendee numbers and interactions, as well as saved travel costs and time, will continue to be used by many companies in the future.

Working at Super Crowd

Super Crowd is completely decentralized. Our employees and freelancers work from Berlin, Hamburg, New York and even Mittelreidenbach. We rely on home offices and are set up for a decentralized way of working in project management with Slack and Google Business. We are looking for the best colleagues without the need to relocate.

About Indie Arena Booth Online

Indie Arena Booth Online is a playful experience and a place to connect with devs, consumers, press and literally everyone who wants to take part.

From super-experimental solo developers to the stars of the indie scene - we got them all. Our goal is to create a place where developers can easily present themselves to business partners, streamers, publishers and press - and of course where gamers will play the next indie hit. With Indie Arena Booth Online this place evolved from being physical-only to being accessible from all around the world.

We're also hiring a Level Designer / World Builder. You can view all of our open roles here.

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