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September 22, 2020
Full Time
the EU or UK

**This position has been closed.** 

Hello Friend!

We are looking for the perfect person to help us creatively communicate with the world.

Do you know all the memes and understand all the socials? You do English good?

You are a smart, strategic, organized, creative, problem completing, community-minded communicator based in Europe or the UK?

If you're impressed with our use of adjectives and replied to all these questions "yes", click here to apply or keep reading for more details (and adjectives).

This is a full-time remote position with time in Łódź every now and then.


We're looking for you*!

(*) - applies for certain values of "you" where you also happen to be an all around awesome person and a proactive, out-of-the-box problem solver with a relentless passion for entertainment industries and making great things happen.

We're proposing a full time contract with very good salaries, bonuses, and great working conditions. So great in fact that they'll make your eyes water at the poignant beauty of the universe that you'll see from this pinnacle of human civilization that is your job at SUPERHOT.

Click here if we convinced you to make one of the best decisions in your life or scroll on and read up on some more details.


SUPERHOT was founded in 2014 in Łódź by a team of underdogs with lots of videogamish and non-videogamish experience. Following a viral success of a 7-Day FPS Game Jam prototype of SUPERHOT, the team hovered up a fair amount of tasty tasty funding from a super successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2014. A little bit of additional bizdev maneuvering later, the available budget more than doubled and allowed the team to survive through almost two years of intensive crunch and trailblazing with a game mechanic that no one executed quite at this scale before.

This soul breaking marathon of a project culminated in the release of SUPERHOT for Steam in February 2016. The game immediately became a global best-seller, showered the team with industry awards, critical acclaim, and unconditional love of the amazingly positive community that gathered around SUPERHOT.

We were totally weirded out by this, so we went back to our comfy creative process and started building new stuff. SUPERHOT VR came out in December 2016 and became the world-wide #1 best-selling VR game on PC. In 2017 both SUPERHOT titles saw themselves launch on new platforms and in new markets, leaving the core creative team hard at work on SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete - the third game in the SUPERHOT franchise that gives you more insight into the world of SUPERHOT, more story, more signature gameplay. We released it in July 2020 and gave away around 2 million free copies, making this possibly the biggest giveaway in gaming history.


  • Help define and own the communications strategy for our studio and games.
  • Oversee and coordinate communications over all our many, many, many channels; YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox Clubs, Discord, Reddit, Forums, etc.
  • Act as our chosen champion for editorial tone, consistency, style and quality for all outbound communications over all channels and platforms. We do lots of communicating!
  • Think strategically, tactically and cleverly about how we communicate as a brand and set goals accordingly.
  • Coordinate, plan and produce innovative, engaging, impactful, creative campaigns to support our game launches, updates and never-ending communications.
  • Create and manage communications content schedules. Identify key delivery dates and oversee content creation. Help us be more organized. Please.
  • Help define and craft crafty key messages, press releases, emails, store pages, blog posts, updates, copy, Q&As, and FAQs.
  • Work closely with the development and studio management teams to ensure communications are impactful, meaningful and (if possible) measurable.
  • Manage social and community team members, guide them in creating engaging content over on all channels.
  • Collaborate with external PR and marketing vendors to plan and execute great communications campaigns.


  • 3+ years of experience in comparable-ish roles, ideally in things like PR, marketing, communications or community management.
  • Deep understanding, experience and knowledge of social channels, platform and store communication features and how best to utilise them.
  • You should be located in Europe or the UK and happy to work in the CET/mainland EU Time Zone.
  • Truly outstanding verbal and written skills. Fluent in English, written and spoken.
  • Comfortable working with and coordinating external partners.
  • Loads and loads of knowledge and familiarity with the video games and wider entertainment industry.
  • Open-mindedness and willingness to experiment and explore cool new ideas to improve our communications.
  • Proactiveness, self-reliance, and familiarity working in a creative, growing, game studio.
  • Team management and/or leadership experience.


  • Time spent working at an indie development studio or an indie publisher.
  • Experience working with titles on both PC and console platforms. Maybe even managed a Switch channel.
  • Experience with paid marketing, email marketing and/or user acquisition.
  • Track record in managing budgets and negotiations with external partners. Ideally, successfully.
  • Non-English language skills.
  • Knowledge of marketing tools, social analytics and sentiment analysis.
  • Be comfortable representing SUPERHOT in interviews and in public if needed, we don’t do many of these though.


  • Very good salary (of course).
  • Great bonuses and benefits.
  • All the hardware and furniture you need to do your job remotely.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Unlimited paid leaves after 3 months of trial period.
  • NO CRUNCH! We don't like crunches.
  • Lots of love and great vibe.
  • Chance to check out cool new secret technologies before they even hit the market (but don't tell anyone, ok?).
  • Possibility to hire all the people you need to create a dream team and make SUPERHOT communication amazing.

Now go and click the button. It'll be fun. We promise.


The whole process will last a few weeks.

First, you click the button below and apply. We need your resume and if you have some letters of recommendation, you can add them too! Anything that will make us go "wow, they're the one!". PDF format is highly appreciated. :)

What we're focusing on is how well your application fits the job and the team; we don't look at your race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability status. We simply like humans.

Then, we need some time to gather and review the applications. It usually lasts up to 2 weeks; if it takes more, we will let you know.

We're always getting back to our applicants, even if the answer is negative.

After getting a positive response, you'll get a survey to fill.

If everything goes well, we will arrange an online interview and if that goes well, we will arrange all the details and set you up with everything you need at your home so that you can become #oneofus.

That's it! TA DA!


It's a beautiful, fun, and rapidly developing city. It's filled to the brim with students and smart people, boasts the best Polish film school, some of the best Polish technical schools, and a mean aptitude for crazy creative endeavors.

The quality of life here is amazing, prices for everything are basically negligible, and the people are fun, laid back, and great to hang out with.

We love it here. We're sure you will too.

This job is a full-time remote position. When COVID/travel allows, visits to the main office in Lodz are required, perhaps max 4 (ish) times per year as needed. This is all very flexible.

A full relocation package is always available if you want to move to Łódź, we’d love to have you. Really. It's great.

We (used to) travel a lot. We've been to a bunch of places around the world. We still like it most here in Łódź. Everything's developing, people are friendly, more and more cool stuff pops up every single year.


The team at SUPERHOT HQ is roughly 35-ish people strong right now. It's a happy collection of driven individuals with hobbies ranging from mixed martial arts and hugging people, through card games, music, arts, and startups. We also have remote friends in the UK, Australia, Netherlands and Philippines. We work a bit, play a bit and keep the team healthy and happy to build great games.


You must've been living under a rock if you don't know by now. But that's cool. We like rocks. Some of our best friends are rocks. Feast your eyes on the Youtublets below.

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