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October 28, 2020
Full Time

**This position has been closed.**

Well, hello there! Do you want to be our new best friend?

We're looking for someone full of energy and empathy. Other merits would be: having amazing communication and great English skills, being easy-going and fun!

Our team is getting bigger and bigger, we have so many lovely poeple to take care of and we need some help!

Will you become our savior?

Keep reading for more details!


We're looking for you! (but we're probably only gonna pay you if you happen to also be a super smart and an all-around cool person).

We're offering a full time contract in Łódź, with good salaries and working conditions so good they'll make your eyes water at the poignant beauty of the universe that you'll see from this pinnacle of human civilization that is your job at SUPERHOT.


SUPERHOT was founded in 2014 in Łódź by a team of underdogs with lots of videogamish and non-videogamish experience. Following a viral success of a 7-Day FPS Game Jam prototype of SUPERHOT, the team hovered up a fair amount of tasty tasty funding from a super successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2014. A little bit of additional bizdev maneuvering later, the available budget more than doubled and allowed the team to survive through almost two years of intensive crunch and trailblazing with a game mechanic that no one executed quite at this scale before.

This soul breaking marathon of a project culminated in the release of SUPERHOT for Steam in February 2016. The game immediately became a global best-seller, showered the team with industry awards, critical acclaim, and unconditional love of the amazingly positive community that gathered around SUPERHOT.

We were totally weirded out by this, so we went back to our comfy creative process and started building new stuff. SUPERHOT VR came out in December 2016 and became the world-wide #1 best-selling VR game on PC. In 2017 both SUPERHOT titles saw themselves launch on new platforms and in new markets, leaving the core creative team hard at work on SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete - the third game in the SUPERHOT franchise that gives you more insight into the world of SUPERHOT, more story, more signature gameplay. We released it in July 2020 and gave away around 2 million free copies, making this possibly the biggest giveaway in gaming history.


We are looking for someone:

  • who's very well organized,
  • who's autonomous and able to work independently but also...
  • a great team player who loves to share thoughts and ideas,
  • who's empathetic and genuinely likes people,
  • who's very flexible, proactive and decisive,
  • who's able to build healthy and positive relationships with people,
  • who's a creative problem solver with amazing communication skills and with very good English.

It would be awesome if you also happen to:

  • know basic Office 365 tools,
  • have some experience in working in a creative or IT environment,
  • like video games and know the industry a little bit (we're a bunch of game devs after all).

Your basic tasks would be:

  • taking care of our employees on a daily basis with the rest of our HR Team,
  • helping with recruitment processes,
  • maintaining and updating our internal HR software,
  • helping with 360 employee evaluations,
  • taking care of new employees (effective and friendly onboarding),
  • helping improve our internal communication,
  • implementing projects from HRM area in a rapidly changing environment.

In return, we will give you:

  • good salary,
  • lunch card,
  • private medical care,
  • psychological care,
  • FitSport/FitProfit cards,
  • flexible working hours,
  • lots of love and great vibe,
  • opportunity to develop your skills in a healthy, pro-human company,
  • tons of other cool benefits.

Now go and click the button. It'll be fun. We promise.


The team at SUPERHOT HQ is roughly 33-ish people strong right now. It's a happy collection of driven individuals with hobbies ranging from mixed martial arts and hugging people, through card games, embroidery, music, arts, and startups. We also have remote friends in the UK, Australia, Netherlands and Philippines. We work a bit, play a bit and keep the team healthy and happy to build great games.


You must've been living under a rock if you don't know by now. But that's cool. We like rocks. Some of our best friends are rocks. Feast your eyes on the Youtublets below.

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