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August 18, 2020
Full Time

Talofa is seeking a Mobile (iOS/Android) Unity Client Software Engineer to join the team for our new social fitness game in development. This individual will work with the product team to build innovative multiplayer gameplay mechanics, immersive narrative content, and creative fitness game systems. They will also work with artists and voice actors and audio engineers to deliver high quality visuals and audio for a great running experience in Unity. We are looking for someone who is excited to build a world-scale AR running game on a new platform with us! 

What we're looking for: 

We're huge gamers and fitness geeks! That said, we'd love to work with someone who has worked on a mobile game (a plus) or worked with voice actors before, and someone with experience with narrative heavy games. Being passionate about fitness and games is also a plus! Familiarity with RPG games and branching narrative systems or the visual novel game genre is a huge plus too! 


  • Implement accurate and persistent fitness tracking features for location-based AR gameplay.
  • Developing branching narrative systems for immersive narrative content 
  • Work with artists and audio engineers to integrate 2D/3D assets and voice recording into adaptive audio augmented experiences. 
  • Prototype and build new multiplayer social gameplay features in Unity.
  • Develop effective User Interfaces, e.g. Heads-Up Display elements, notifications, and menus for mobile phones.
  • Create and document technical designs as needed for new features and communicate across functions.


  • 2+ years professional experience in game development and developing game systems for real-time networked multiplayer mobile F2P games.
  • Professional development experience with Unity, C#, Java, Wwise (for audio integration) and web technologies and cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or similar services are preferred.
  • Experience developing and maintaining and running live ops for world-scale games. 
  • Experience with branching narrative systems (Twine, Choose Your Own Adventure, etc.)
  • A love for running or gamified fitness products
  • Exposure to AR environments and applications


📅 Start date: As soon as possible! We’re ready to work with you whenever you are! 

💻 Remote is okay! We are located in the Bay Area in California in PST. 

👉 If interested, email careers@talofagames.com with your resume and what position you’d like to apply for! 

💗 We’re looking for determined and responsible contributors who love what they do to join the Talofa family. We’re all family here! Our website: talofagames.com 

Our Team: 

Everyone on our team has been an avid long distance runner for the last 10 years and are gaming enthusiasts! Together, we’ve created independent games for the last 10 years with over 9.1 million downloads on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. We’re now working in the augmented reality and fitness intersection and are award winning developers. This is a first of its kind social running game and we’re excited to be working together on it!

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