3D Environment Artist

Team 21 Studio
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May 2, 2022
Full Time

Team 21 Studio, LLC has an opening position for a 3D environment artist to created trees, shrubs, grass, and rocks and other environment assets for Ilysia™, an upcoming, and highly anticipated VR MMORPG.

Position Details

  • Work alongside Creative Director to create environment props
  • Create a variety of 3D game-ready assets & environment art (Model, UV Map, Texture)
  • Create a variety of hand-painted, diffuse textures for environment props
  • Create, Build, & Help Design world elements for a variety of game environments
  • Create & Design various surface textures

Skills and Requirements

  • Link to a portfolio of recent work.
  • 3D modeling, textures, and rendering skills are required
  • Experience with efficient and low tri-count Models
  • Experience making hand-painted diffuse textures
  • Experience using PhotoShop is required
  • Experience with 3DSMax, Maya, or Blender required
  • Strong organization skills and ability to hit deadlines
  • Open to constructive criticism and feedback
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Ability to track time spent on work

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience with ZBrush, Mudbox, or equivalent software
  • Experience with Substance Painter, 3D Coat, or equivalent software
  • Knowledge of LOD tools
  • Knowledge of Unity Game Engine

How to Apply

Please send resumes along with a link to your current portfolio to careers@team21studio.com

About Ilysia

Ages ago, the Lagenans corrupted their world, causing a great rift that split the very planet itself. Fearing their own destruction, they created great portals powered by the blood of their gods, seeking to inhabit another nearby planet: Ilysia. Using their portals, the Lagenans entered Ilysia looking to establish a new home for their people where they could continue to practice their dark arts and thrive.

Will you help the Lagenans secure their hold on Ilysia, or defend the planet against them? The Choice is yours - fight, explore, and grow in power; alone or alongside your friends and foes as you face the challenges Ilysia holds.

Art & Animation
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