Senior VR Game Developer

Team 21 Studio
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May 2, 2022
Full Time

Do you love MMORPGs? Love Virtual Reality? Team 21 Studio. LLC is searching to expand our existing team with a Senior VR Game Developer to assist with our Virtual Reality (VR) massively multiplayer online role-playing game project. This position will work with the existing team to add features, refine functionality, optimize for performance, and assist in general development.

Position Details:

  • Implement and test new game features
  • Learn existing internal solutions
  • Work with development staff to review code across the team
  • Follow design direction from directors
  • Track and resolve defects
  • Maintain strict nondisclosure agreement guidelines Required

Skills and Requirements:

  • A passion or game development, MMORPGs, RPGs, and/or VR games
  • 5+ years of Unity game development and programming experience
  • Experience with professional development, SDLC, testing, and operations.
  • Experience with network (multiplayer) programming
  • Experience with profiling and optimization
  • Appetite to learn new technologies, methodologies, and implementations of code
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Writing clean, well-commented, maintainable code

Bonus Qualifications:

  • 3+ years VR development experience including both Quest and PCVR
  • Experience with Photon real-time networking
  • 3+ years custom shaders (using ShaderLab/HLSL)
  • Experience with Databases (SQL, MySQL, etc)

How to Apply

Please send resumes along with a link to your current portfolio to

About Ilysia

Ages ago, the Lagenans corrupted their world, causing a great rift that split the very planet itself. Fearing their own destruction, they created great portals powered by the blood of their gods, seeking to inhabit another nearby planet: Ilysia. Using their portals, the Lagenans entered Ilysia looking to establish a new home for their people where they could continue to practice their dark arts and thrive.

Will you help the Lagenans secure their hold on Ilysia, or defend the planet against them? The Choice is yours - fight, explore, and grow in power; alone or alongside your friends and foes as you face the challenges Ilysia holds.

Programming & Development
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