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Team Beauty Cult
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December 5, 2021
$50k / year + equity

We are looking for a gameplay programmer to help grow our team!

Team Beauty Cult is a small distributed games studio that's an evolution of SUPERSCARYSNAKES. As SUPERSCARYSNAKES, the team released Black Future '88 to critical acclaim in 2019 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. We are working on an ambitious and genre-bending new project, and realized it's time to grow up the business into an employee owned co-op.

As a team, we also act as a services org for other devs and publishers, offering "consulting lead developer" services. As a member of this team, you'll need to be comfortable working in multiple codebases. Most of this work is porting.

We welcome applicants from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience, and are ready to dedicate the necessary amount of time to onboarding as needed. We recognize that members of marginalized communities often face challenges when it comes to gaining experience in the gaming industry, and we want to make our hiring process as equitable as possible. We are especially interested in uplifting minorities throughout this application process, and will prioritise a diverse range of experiences over traditional ones.

This position will be full-time remote, but will include occasional event travel as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.


  • Development in Unity Engine (gameplay systems + UI + tool development)
  • Game content development in Unity and custom tools.
  • Working with the team to build the very best game possible
  • "Full Stack Game Dev"- using your Design Chops, basic VFX skills, Steamworks Integration, CPU/GPU/Memory Profiling

Big Requirements:

  • Unity Engine and C# experience (Mid level)
  • Excellent debugging and profiling skills
  • Experience building and publishing to a wide array of Unity's supported platforms
  • Being a genuinely human who can balance their insatiable curiosity with pragmatic tradeoffs

Nice To Haves:

  • Any significant and non-programming experience in a core game development skill that you can execute at a professional level (SFX/VFX/Narrative/Level design)
  • Shader and other GFX development experience
  • Compute shader experience
  • Console experience


We believe that to make cutting-edge and museum-grade art, we need to invest in our workers: therefore we offer revshare to all employees and we have a strict no crunch policy. As a worker-owned co-op, all employees recieve the same pay and benefits. We are currently 2 people and would like to grow the team this year to 6 full time members. Base salary: 50k USD / Year Ownership: Equity shares granted after 6 month contract period.


If you're interested, please send your CV to hello@teambeautycult.com and include the job title that you're applying for in the subject line. Also include:

  • Why you'd be a good fit for Team Beauty Cult
  • Work Examples
  • Your earliest start date

Equal Opportunity Employer:

Team Beauty Cult does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of race, colour, religion, national origin, cultural group, sex, gender, physical or mental disability.

About Black Future '88:

Published by Good Shepherd Entertainment

Awards: MIX E3 Judge's Pick Sidequesting.com: Team Choice Award Techraptor: Best of E3 Bit Awards: Game of the Year Nominee, Best Style Nominee GamesRadar: Best of Pax Nominee

Shown at: Indie Megabooth, Dreamhack, PAX East/West, Day of the Devs, E3

Covered by: Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, Variety, PC Gamer, 80 Level, IGN, Destructoid, Gamespot, Games Radar, Tech Raptor, Polygon, Engadget

The Beauty Cult Manifesto

Video games are a unique medium with a distinct cultural voice, but for too long the leading stories have alternated between labor abuse of dev teams, obscene executive pay, and culturally homogenous studios.

If we believe that video games can be art, team diversity has value, and investment in labor pays future dividends: then we need to manifest that change at the studio level.

The Beauty Cult pledges to be a worker-centric studio, to invest in equity initiatives at a local, studio and industry level, and to always make interesting games that push the boundaries of art in video games.

We strive to explore the bleeding edge of what video games can be.

Programming & Development
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