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December 18, 2020
Full Time

We’re looking for a Unity Developer to come join our team in LA. You’ll be responsible for collaborating with us to bring new gameplay features and systems to life, such as character AI, procedural animation, tool functionality, and core game infrastructure. We make ambitious, innovative projects quickly and are looking to work with self-directed people who are excited to experiment and help create new things they’ve never seen before. Preference will be given to full-time developers who can eventually join us locally at our office in Los Angeles.


  • Designing, prototyping, and implementing gameplay mechanics and sequences
  • Creating efficient, shippable systems and core game infrastructure
  • Performance optimization for mobile VR headsets


  • Knowledge of C#, or the ability to learn it quickly
  • Unity experience, or the ability to learn it quickly
  • Ability to write clean, performant code
  • Flexibility and the ability to work independently
  • Has shipped previous titles


  • VR experience
  • Mobile optimization experience
  • Photon or other networking experience
  • Nintendo Switch or Playstation console experience
  • Your own independent game, writing, or art practice
  • 3D Art abilities
  • Shader programming experience
  • Excited to work across multiple parts of a project
  • Likes cats and/or “Cats: The Musical”

TO APPLY, please send an introductory email to production@tenderclaws.com, containing the following:

  • Subject line containing the title of the job you are applying for (i.e. Unity Developer)
  • Your resume, or a summary of relevant experience
  • Links to a portfolio site, itch.io, or other relevant showcase of your work on released projects (please specify project roles)


For a limited theatrical run, join Tempest: a one-of-a-kind immersive theatre experience! Travel through time and space to enact an exciting story of love & revenge - with a little magic, of course!

Inspired by Shakespeare’s famed tale, join your intrepid guide Prospero in this intimate, interactive performance. In order to bring Prospero to life, the actor must enlist the help of the audience. The line between real and virtual, and truth and fiction, blur as audience members are "cast" as Prospero's spirits to realize an interactive, virtual version of the story.


Tender Claws is an art/games studio that makes everything from AR fish that feed on your emotions to giant sentient talking sticks of butter. Our first release PRY was one of Apple’s top Apps of 2015 and an IGF Finalist. Our first VR game “Virtual Virtual Reality” (VVR), a comedy satire where players put on VR headsets in VR, won “Best VR Experience” at the Google Play Awards 2017. Our hybrid VR and immersive theater game “The Under Presents” launched in 2019, was an Emmy finalist for “Innovation in Interactive Media” and won “VR Experience of the Year” at the 2020 VR Awards. Most recently, “Tempest,” our one-of-a-kind immersive digital theatre experience, was selected as one of LA Times “10 Best Games of 2020.”

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