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June 30, 2021
Full Time

At Teravision Games, we are looking for a talented Network Programmer to work on our upcoming unannounced AAA game. The ideal candidate will autonomously develop network and server-related functions. He/she will design and implement the network interface and tools to help the game communicate with the server.


  • Implement communication with RESTful APIs and third-party game services to develop in-game features such as authentication, matchmaking, lobby, game analytics, network security and performance, player progression, and data
  • Help design RESTful APIs and develop features for an online multiplayer game
  • Implement client travel flow through various session patterns.
  • Create tools to stress test servers
  • Work closely with gameplay programmers to assist on networking matters
  • Debug problems related to networking and multi-thread programming
  • Work closely with game designers to clarify network/server design requirements
  • Break large tasks down into more manageable groups of smaller tasks, then plan and schedule the smaller tasks
  • Inform management if tasks are falling behind schedule, and propose solutions
  • Continually communicate work progress to peers and relevant leads
  • Research, share and discuss networked game system architectural decisions and best practices
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4’s online subsystems and session API is desirable


  • 2+ years UE4 programming experience.
  • Must be proficient in C++ and have knowledge of multithreaded programming
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Experience with networking systems in online games and an understanding of the engineering tradeoffs associated with different types of implementations (e.g. peer to peer vs. client/server, deterministic lockstep vs. state synchronization, TCP vs. UDP).

Note: It's not a requirement to live in Bogotá-Colombia.

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About Us

Teravision Games is a video games development studio based in Bogotá, in the heart of Colombia. We have been creating games since 2006 and have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in entertainment such as Namco, Atari, Disney and Nickelodeon. In our first 10 years of business we created more than 80 games in a multitude of styles for many different platforms.

In 2016 we re-tooled our studio based on our team’s passion for PC/Console games, and that has been our focus ever since.

We chose Unreal Engine as the “weapon of choice” to create incredible experiences for our clients. Since that time, we have been rewarded by working with great partners like InXile and Gun Media on some of their amazing AAA games, and we’ve been busy creating our own game, Captain Toonhead.

About Captain Toonhead

Ever wanted to beat a T-Rex up with a chancla, while building powerful towers that shoot piñatas, hot sauce and heat-seeking fireworks? Captain ToonHead is the VR tower defense game of your cartooniest dreams.

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