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July 15, 2021
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We’re looking for a Writer/Narrative Designer for our upcoming mystery horror game The Camera that Bleeds, a first-person indie horror game with a striking noir tone and visual style. As the Writer/Narrative Designer, you’ll be in charge of our story from large scale plotting and character development to in-game dialogue and text.

We will be pitching to publishers over the next few months, but until we land a deal and get funding, we'll be limited in our ability to compensate you. The specific terms of our working agreement between now and then are negotiable, but to be clear, no free work will be expected of you before that point. We primarily want to form an agreement that you will join the project once we have funding and negotiate compensation for when that time comes, so we can pitch you as part of our scaled-up development team and include your costs in our budget.

While our team is admittedly new to full-scale development, our project has won multiple local and university game program awards and received many positive accolades for its compelling look and premise. To see for yourself, please take a few minutes to watch the video walkthrough below.

Our game features a non-binary protagonist and we would love to platform diverse, marginalized voices and tell stories informed by their perspectives. Applicants with marginalized backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Story in The Camera that Bleeds

In The Camera that Bleeds, you play Detective Grey, a private eye with an instant camera that can see into the supernatural world. Through the game, they must use their camera to solve supernatural mysteries, evade malevolent ghostly beings, and get to the bottom of the conspiracy in the city they call home. We’ve created a rich set of game mechanics that allow the player to investigate events from the past and keep track of all their leads, but now we need someone to fully develop and give nuance to the mysteries that Detective Grey will be solving.


As the Writer/Narrative Designer, you’ll:

  • plan out and oversee the execution of the overarching plot of our game.
  • ensure internal consistency of the setting our game takes place in.
  • advise on our gameplay systems, art assets, and environments to ensure they synergize with our narrative goals.
  • plan out the subplots of each of our 5 levels, ensuring they each tie into the overarching story.
  • develop and write in-game text and dialogue for the varying characters that make up our story.
  • create (and optionally implement) story content using our unique set of investigation and storytelling mechanics.
  • ensure that our writing is extremely respectful of marginalized people and cultures.
  • write in a style that evokes the “pulp noir mystery” genre, while avoiding its dated trappings.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for someone who:

  • has worked on at least one shipped title as a writer, narrative designer, or other game narrative role.
  • is comfortable working remotely.
  • is able to provide workable deadlines for task tracking and project planning.
  • is able to write for marginalized identities and edit work with cultural sensitivity in mind.

Some nice-to-haves include:

  • experience writing mysteries, especially interactive ones.
  • familiarity with Unreal Engine.

What We’re Offering

Again, we’re looking for someone to work with us remotely as we bring this game to publishers. Once we have secured funding, we’d like to offer you:

  • a two year contract, starting when we receive funding.
  • negotiable hours and compensation, dependent on your rates and availability.
  • negotiable bonuses directly tied to the game’s success.

How To Apply

Contact us at camerathatbleeds@gmail.com - make sure to include a resume, portfolio, writing sample, or anything else you think might be relevant for us to know. We look forward to hearing from you!

About The Camera that Bleeds

The Camera That Bleeds is a first-person horror game with a striking graphic novel noir visual style. Playing as Detective Grey, use your supernatural camera to solve a series of cold cases and get to the bottom of the conspiracy in the city you call home.

Missions see you using your detective skills, along with your enchanted camera, to figure out what happened at each of a series of haunted locales. Photograph ghosts as they reenact events from their lives, follow footprints invisible to the naked eye, read memos and letters long since lost to history, and draw important objects out of the supernatural world and into reality as you work to figure out what really happened.

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