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The Feast
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July 27, 2022

We’re looking for a senior programmer to join our tiny team on The Feast, a stylish stealth-action game about being hunted by cannibal aristocrats. This is a full-time remote contract position.


  • Help oversee the technical implementation of the game, building on our Unity codebase
  • Wear multiple hats: write both quick-and-dirty prototype code, and solid production-quality code


  • Experience leading small (or not-small!) engineering teams on PC/console games
  • Significant professional game programming experience
  • Experience with third- or first-person action games:
    • Locomotion, pathfinding
    • AI (we’re leaning heavily on behavior trees)
    • Rendering (this is a stylized game with lots of custom shaders)
    • Fancy animation techniques
    • Creation of internal tools and workflows, to speed experimentation and iteration time
  • Game design opinions
  • Ability to work with minimal oversight
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
The Feast

We are two game development veterans with 30 years of combined industry experience. Most recently, as indies, we created Antihero, a multi-award-winning multiplayer strategy game about running a thieves’ guild in a Dickensian gas-lit underworld. Prior to that, we worked at Three Rings/SEGA on multiplayer titles like Puzzle Pirates, Whirled, and Corpse Craft.

We value kindness, honesty, and a diversity of opinions and backgrounds.

We encourage - and practice - a healthy work-life balance. We work remotely on opposite coasts in the US.

Featured Game

The Feast is a horror rogue-lite sandbox. You've been kidnapped and taken to a private island where a grisly celebration is underway. Use stealth, the environment, and your enemies' tools and behaviors to fight back and escape.

If you're captured, you will be eaten - and your captors will grow stronger. But you're not the only victim: find and rescue allies, and when you fall, you'll continue the fight as one of them.

Grow the resistance, hunt down the monstrous aristocrats who rule the island, and burn the beastly bacchanal to the ground.

Bon appetit.

Programming & Development
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