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May 18, 2021
Full Time

Our Values

The Game Band is dedicated to making games that reflect the diverse world we live in, which means fostering an environment and community that reflects our world too. We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to ensuring our company is an inclusive, respectful, and welcoming place to work.

The Role

The Game Band is looking for an experienced UI designer who can own the visual direction of Blaseball, a live game that is almost entirely user interface. In this role, you will define Blaseball's style across web and mobile while setting standards and benchmarks for the rest of the UI design team to follow.

As Visual Design Director you will

  • Define and hold the vision for Blaseball’s overarching “look” from both a UI and branding/aesthetic perspective
  • Work with producers and project managers to define a cadence and flow for visual direction as applies to a live game that introduces changes on a weekly basis
  • Adapt UI and gameplay flow into new formats (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop), features, and accessibility updates
  • Help define and execute a comprehensive on-boarding process for new users
  • Develop hiring strategies to recruit design talent
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to help the Design team do its best work
  • Create and maintain presentations, style guides, and documents that communicate Blaseball’s visual direction to both internal and external partners

What success as Visual Design Director looks like

  • Blaseball’s visual design becomes clearer and more legible both for first-time players and returning fans. We will measure this together as a team via gut checks, play testing, feedback reviews from fans, and other methods we might design together.
  • Blaseball’s expansion to mobile is a natural extension of its style and spirit
  • Your documentation and vision are easy to update, flexible, and can be adapted as new features are introduced to the game
  • You feel equipped to speak to all departments about how to incorporate proposed ideas and are comfortable pushing back when something feels out of scope
  • You are confident in the lead times available to you! With Blaseball moving so quickly it’s important that the departments working together stay far enough ahead to give you and your team time to react to new features and redesigns if needed.
  • You are excited about future iterations of Blaseball and how they can evolve with your vision


  • Experience designing user experiences for both web and mobile products
  • Experience in branding and maintaining branding documents and presentations
  • Deep knowledge of current design tools (Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Figma, etc)
  • Strong understanding of responsive web design
  • UI design portfolio that demonstrates visual design, typography, and ideation
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Nice to Haves

  • Experience in motion, UX, and interaction design
  • Experience with HTML/CSS
  • Leadership experience
  • An interest in or experience using sports apps (MLB At Bat on iOS especially)
  • Familiarity with Notion

the game band banner

Who we are

The Game Band is a fully remote studio, currently making the popular internet sensation / cultural event Blaseball. Previously, TGB launched Where Cards Fall, winner of the Apple Design Award in 2020.

With Blaseball seeing viral success, TGB is excited to grow the team! We are hiring a number of key roles, looking for folks who will take ownership building systems and teams that will ensure a bright future for Blaseball.

If you aren’t familiar with Blaseball that’s ok; Blaseball is an absurdist, player-driven, browser-based fantasy “baseball” experience. It’s a simplistic simulation of a sport, where players can view, bet on, and contort the league’s rules via weekly elections. People Make Games has a great explainer if you want to learn more.

Our Goals

  • Continue to grow Blaseball’s player base in a sustainable way
  • Continue to explore themes of democracy, community, and collaboration
  • Expand Blaseball beyond a browser-based experience
  • Iterate on ethical and interesting ways to generate revenue while keeping the game accessible and available to everyone

What is it like to work on Blaseball?

Blaseball is Live in a way that maybe no other product is. We ship a whole new season, taking into account fan feedback and mobilization, and implementing new features and systems to drive the meta-story forward in real time.

For the first era of Blaseball, this cadence was extreme, so in the future we are designing a more sustainable cadence for the fans and ourselves.

We want to be very clear with applicants that they will not be expected to work 7 days a week. Just because Blaseball is online, doesn’t mean we have to be.

For technical / coding positions: it’s possible that at key times you will need to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, due to the natural cadence of Blaseball. We occasionally have to set up the dominos over the weekend, so the next season (week) can play out. In these cases you will be allowed to, and indeed forced to, take a “weekend” during the middle of the week.

What benefits do you offer?

  • 100% employer paid health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k plan
  • Flexible hours
  • Remote friendly
  • Unlimited PTO

Thank you for considering The Game Band! Blaseball has an incredibly diverse and welcoming community, and we’re building a strong, diverse team to support it. We highly encourage you to apply. Even if you're not sure that you qualify, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

To apply, email us your resume at and feel free to include any details about yourself that you'd like to share. We are accepting applications ongoing as of right now but check back frequently for deadlines and updates. As we grow we will be posting new positions, and we will try to respond to as many applicants as we can.

Play Ball,

The Game Band

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