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January 19, 2021
$5k flat rate

Theory of Games is a small studio whose core team is an artist, a programmer, a writer, and a project leader. While some of us are new to the gaming industry, we all have significant professional experience in our individual fields. We’ve been working together for 3 years, growing through a few iterations, and have developed a concept that truly excites us.

In our game the player explores the waters of the Gulf Coast outside the Free City of New Orleans of 21XX in a 2D platformer featuring exploration, light base building, and a strong narrative. We are working loosely within the framework of the Metroidvania subgenre but are not beholden to it.


Saved from the rising seas by ambitious geo-engineering, New Orleans stands a fortress against the tides of the Neo-Confederate politics of the surrounding regions. As an escapee from a nearby company town, you seek a return to the life that was violently stolen from you as a child. Your goal: to restore the Cri de Coeur. Once, the Cri was a self-sufficient solarpunk arcology populated by a vibrant community. Now it lies scattered in the Gulf.

Explore the dangerous waters of the Mississippi Delta. Seek those you lost in strange marshes and sunken cities. Brave the current, reunite your family, and rebuild your home.


We have a deep IP and a lot of art assets, stub feature specs, and Unity prototypes. We need a designer to help us pick the best ideas and build a plan to take our project to the next level. We can share a short video of our prototype and our design doc on request (no NDA required). 

  • Experience: We’re open to mid-level and senior designers, preferably with experience in Unity and 2D platforming. Please have at least one shipped title under your belt.
  • Commitment, Timeframe, and Compensation: Commitment, Timeframe, and Compensation: Our team works part-time so our ideal fit is someone with moderate and irregular availability. We have a maximum budget of $5k for this work, and we’re open to a scope of work with an hourly or flat-fee structure. The team is fully remote and located in the U.S.
  • Deliverables: Designs for 2-4 major new gameplay features in our Unity prototype (including technical specs, sample code and/or documentation as appropriate) that are implementable by our team.

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How To Apply:

Complete this short form and upload a copy of your resume. Questions/feedback on this posting are welcome! Women, POC, and LGBTQ+ persons encouraged to apply.

Apply for this Job
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