Developer Evangelist

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October 14, 2020
Full Time
Stockholm, SE

We are in need of a self-sufficient and proactive game industry professional with a versatile skill set who thrives in solving complex challenges, is not afraid to get their hands dirty, and enjoys wearing many different hats.

By showcasing the potential of Trail's platform and tools, you will be the first point of contact and the face outwards for game developers. In short, building exciting and helpful content as well as helping developers get started with using Trail.

Your prime directive will be to identify and execute initiatives to build a coherent and exciting brand and do so by sharing your passion and knowledge to help creators flourish, whether that's at conferences, game jams, via blog posts, videos, our Discord server, or elsewhere.

As a Developer Evangelist, you will also be working closely with the business development and product teams to identify how we can keep improving Trail for the solo hobbyist and indie developers.


  • Ongoing outreach to game developers
  • Educate developers as to the benefits of Trail
  • Craft and execute strategies to help developers meet their goals using Trail
  • Represent Trail at conferences, trade shows and talks
  • Organize developer events
  • Monitor and moderate Trail's Developer Discord Server
  • Report key observations or trends.
  • Relay feedback from developers to Trail regarding products, services, and initiatives.

Must Have:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience within game development or related experience.
  • Able to travel to conferences and trade shows.
  • Fundamental knowledge of programming and building games in Unity.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English; you enjoy teaching and explaining things.

Nice to have(s):

  • Extensive network within the game developer scene, preferably indie scene.
  • Previous experience in business development, marketing, or community management, in a professional or volunteer manner.
  • Experience hosting events and attending trade shows.
  • Experience with creating video and blog content related to video games.

Perks & benefits:

📃 Stock options plan

Partnerships are best when everyone gets to share not just the workload, but the success as well. By joining our crew you'll become a shareholder too.

🧘 Health

A healthy crew is a happy crew. We have 4000 SEK a year earmarked for you to pay for things like workouts, yoga, and massage. Of course, we also have a customary 5 weeks of paid vacation.

💻 Equipment

To perform excellent work you need excellent tools. We'll gear you up with the latest and greatest in smartphone and laptop tech, and slap a generous phone plan on top.

🕹️ Work == Play

Work tasks include playing games. ;)

🕑 Working hours

Work early or work late—it's up to you. You're responsible for keeping in momentum and connection with the rest of the team.

📍 Location

We're situated right in the middle of the popular SoFo area on Södermalm, known for its many boutiques, excellent lunch spots, and cafés.

Seriously playful

We're a small crew with large ambitions and a lot of faith in our mission. We value playfulness and curiosity as much as courage and candour, and believe that the journey is at least as important as the goal.

When we're not hammering away to reach a milestone or overcome a challenge, we're known to goof around and dissect various subjects far beyond what's reasonable.

We're in this boat together and value the input of one another highly. No discipline is more important than the other and we keep a flat organization where we communicate a lot to make sure we're all rowing in the same direction.

Our guiding principles

  • Focus on creating value for people and the rest will sort itself out.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Make it fun.

About Trail

Trail is a Stockholm-based startup with the mission to make gaming easier than watching YouTube.

In other words, Trail makes it possible for anyone to enjoy new gaming experiences at a single click, and to invite friends simply by sending them a link. No downloads, no installs, no paywalls—just play.

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