Interactive 3D Artist

Transitional Forms
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January 11, 2022
$55,000.00 - $60,000.00 CAD

Transitional Forms is a studio-lab for dynamic media based in Toronto, Canada. We're using cutting edge AI technology to create brand new experiences in interactive media.

We are looking for an Interactive 3D Artist who is passionate about building games, characters, and worlds, and interested in the systems that drive their creation. You will collaborate both with leadership, as well as the game team to implement creative direction, visual style, and work processes that enable our team to build amazing dynamic experiences for users.

Ideal candidates will have experience in 3D asset creation for real time games, an understanding of game design and game engines, and have excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Key responsibilities

  • Implementing the look and feel of interactive assets, and/or working alongside the project creative lead to develop solutions that suit the creative project vision.
  • Concepting, modelling, texturing, rigging and animating assets for interactive, real-time experiences.
  • Creating design documentation, proofs of concept, prototypes, and iterative production assets toward final product launches.

Ideal candidate profile

  • College Diploma/Degree in graphic design, 3D, video game development or equivalent training.
  • 1-2 years of games industry experience with competency in 3D and Unity game engine.
  • Ability to combine abstract ideas and emergent production techniques into stable, usable and compelling solutions.
  • Experience working on a team and launching interactive content properties.
  • Keen interest in procedural generation, non-linear interactivity, and creative artificial intelligence.

Innovation in all its forms

At Transitional Forms, we are striving for greater inclusion of underrepresented voices to shape the future of storytelling and build the best-in-class interactive content and inclusive experiences for a diversity of creators and audiences. We welcome and encourage applications from all qualified candidates regardless of the labels you identify with or where you sit on the neurodiversity spectrum.

If you require an accommodation at any point throughout the recruitment and selection process, please contact and we will happily work with you to meet your needs.


$55,000.00 - $60,000.00 CAD

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Working With Us

Like so many other startups out there, we like to believe we’re doing things differently. And in many ways, our contributions to entertainment innovation and creative A.I. are unlike anything out there. At the same time, we’re similar to so many other startups in that our small team is required to be super nimble, interdisciplinary, and wear many hats. We believe that iterative processes, design thinking, and interdisciplinary problem solving are key to innovation.

Transitional Forms is proud to be a BIPOC-owned and controlled studio-lab with an active strategy for under-represented voices to shape the future of storytelling. Our senior leadership and project teams include a majority of individuals who identify as women, people of colour, people living with invisible disabilities and/or belonging to LGBTQ2+ communities. All of them work as equals alongside and in partnership with traditionally over-represented individuals to build the best-in-class interactive content and inclusive experiences for a diversity of creators and audiences.

About Us

As an entertainment innovation company, our mission is to align A.I. with human culture to power the next generation of autonomous, dynamic content. By closing the feedback loop between the data created by interactive content and the intelligent systems that can generate it, we see a massive opportunity to build dynamic media that will one day power the Metaverse. Our unique studio-lab model is purpose-built to drive rapid iteration and cutting-edge innovation on this frontier.

Our Work

Agence is an interactive short-film, co-produced with the National Film Board of Canada, for VR, Mobile and PC platforms.  In this simulated universe, you have the power to observe or interfere with tiny AI-powered characters, called the “Agents”, as they react to each other and their emerging world.

Once you meet these little AI creatures, their story will never be the same. A dynamic film that merges cinematic storytelling, A.I., and user interactivity, Agence is unique with each and every experience.

Dinner Party serves as a multi-model collaborative narrative production platform that uses standard dialogue format to generate, augment, edit and render real-time narratives using a variety of AI models.

With Animo, we have elegantly simplified the complex process of training generalizable characters with reinforcement learning within minutes of opening our property, replacing multiple framework installations and developing simulations in code. Simply reward the behaviour you wish for your A.I. robots to manifest and they will learn by themselves to perform the necessary sequence of actions to achieve the desired behaviour.

Art & Animation
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