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Treehouse Games
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May 23, 2022
Full Time
United States
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Treehouse Games is looking for amazing people who are excited to create games that are the best way for friends to spend time together.

Building exciting player and enemy abilities is a core part of the experience we're building here at Treehouse! We're looking for someone to help create the tools players use and the problems they have to overcome in both combat and non-combat spaces. Our goal is to build a supportive team of strong communicators and area specialists that love to collaborate across discipline lines to create exciting experiences for friends to enjoy together.

We are committed to remote working and already have team members across North America.


  • Communicate ideas often and broadly, soliciting cross-discipline feedback and then thoroughly documenting both implemented work and best practices
  • Work with Art, Engineering, and other Designers collaboratively to build exciting designs - cross discipline communication is core to who we are
  • Identify parts of the workflow that could use tool improvements, and help gauge their impact in prioritizing work
  • Build enemy abilities and behaviors, including working closely with encounter designers to craft appropriate enemies for specific encounter experiences
  • Create suites of abilities and bonuses for player character centered around specific fantasies, both for combat and non-combat scenarios
  • Translate ideas from paper design, both yours and the team's, in to working abilities in Unreal Engine via Blueprint
  • World with systems designers to develop compelling progressions for players to unlock new abilities
  • Monitor and maintain ability balance across multiple classes during development and after launch
  • Turn high level concepts and player fantasies in to unique and interesting class mechanics


  • Team-minded, cross-discipline thinker that is mindful of the downstream impact of their work
  • Ability to conform to a design style guide and follow company-wide best practices to ensure uniformity of content so a future designer can understand what you did
  • Strong feedback skills in both directions: should receive feedback gracefully, and be considerate and constructive in delivering their feedback to others.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine
  • 3-4 years as a designer on a collaborative team working on games, with some time specializing in ability-based combat design


  • Base Salary, Benefits (Health, Vision, Dental, Life), and Equity
  • Relocation Assistance Available

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About Treehouse Games

We’re a development studio focused on building collaborative games for a growing, global audience of players who use games as their favorite way to hang out together. Based in Los Angeles, Treehouse is venture-backed and built by industry veterans - half of the team comes from gaming powerhouses including Microsoft, Riot Games and the original DotA mod, and half comes from successful indie startups like Sirvo Studios and Industrial Toys.

We named our studio “Treehouse” because the world needs games that create an inviting hangout space where players spend time with their friends. We focus on the player impact we create through our work, we value feedback from players, and we believe the best teams are built on a culture of trust and respect.

Treehouse is making cooperative experiences that are all about quality time spent with friends. Games that do this well today see amazing engagement among audiences all around the world - we’re looking for diverse candidates with unique backgrounds to bring these and other meaningful perspectives to our team.

If you’re passionate about cooperative games and finding quality time with friends, we hope you’ll on the adventure.

We're currently hiring across art, design, engineering, and QA. You can view (and share) all of our openings here.

Game & Level Design
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